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Twitter now lets you add your birthday, and will display animated balloons on your profile page

Twitter now lets you add your birthday, and will display animated balloons on your profile page

by AshwinJuly 7, 2015

Microblogging website Twitter has gained support for a new feature.

The social network will display balloons on your profile page, to celebrate your birthday.

Though the balloons look like the ones seen in the above image, they have a special feature. Yes, they are animated balloons.
The only requirement is that users need to add their birth date in their Twitter account. It’s a bit odd that the social network didn’t have the option until now.

How to add your birth date in your Twitter account?

  1. Login to Twitter and visit your profile’s settings page.
  2. Now click on the edit profile button.
  3. You can add your birthday information at this page.


Once you have done that save your settings and you are good to go.

Is my birthday information private?

That depends on how you choose to set it. You have five options for public visibility of your birthday.

  • Public
  • My followers
  • People I follow
  • We follow each other
  • Only me

As you can see from the above image, you can also set up Twitter to only display your birthday and month, and the year of birth. You can read more about the official announcement here.

Twitter could use the data to display relevant ads:

According to TechCrunch, the social network’s balloons for your birthday are merely an eye wash. The real motive behind it is to mine your personal data. And what else is Twitter going to use it for, but to display ads.

And this is not a wild guess. Take a look at what this help page on Twitter says:

If you choose to add your birthday to your profile, it will be displayed to the audience that you’ve chosen. It will also be used to customize your Twitter experience. For example, we will use your birthday to show you more relevant content, including ads.

Though it is a sneaky move, the social network’s ads system is quite flawed and displays irrelevant ads. So by getting to know your birth date, it could display ads relevant to your age. While that seems sensible, it puts the user’s personal information at risk?

Twitter recently added the option to Autoplay videos, much to the annoyance of its users. But fortunately you can disable it from the Settings. Twitter will remove the 140 character limit from Direct Messages this month.

Note: Twitter has not enabled the option to add your birthday yet. It is expected to roll out the feature soon.