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Twitter removes background wallpapers from user pages, They are only visible in tweets, lists and collections

Twitter removes background wallpapers from user pages, They are only visible in tweets, lists and collections

by AshwinJuly 21, 2015

Twitter has made a significant change to it’s social networking website today.

It has not added a new feature, instead it has removed one, and a rather important one I should say.

The microblogging website has removed the background wallpapers from user’s pages. What used to a nice background on my Twitter page, now looks like a boring plain page, with Tweets on it.

The wallpapers are gone, but they are not gone. Let me explain that. While the backgrounds have gone poof off on the user’s pgaes, they are still available from individual tweets. All you have to do is click on a Tweet and it should display the message with the user’s chosen background.

You can see what my timeline looks like, in the above image. And here is one of my tweets with the background theme:


Twitter backgrounds have also vanished off the timeline as well. (This is the news feed.)

Oddly enough the “Customizing your design” support page on the social networking website, still has a lot of information about adding a new background image. But the help statement at the very top of the page, now reads:

You can customize your design theme so that users who click to view your Tweet detail pages will see it. Other than your theme color, your design theme will not be visible on your profile or Home timeline.

Well, you still have Theme colours, so that is a bright thing.

Initially this was believed to be a bug, and a fix was expected to be rolled out soon. users had apparently tried re-uploading background images, and got the  working for a while, only for them to be automatically removed from user’s pages. But it wasn’t the case. Wired reached out to Twitter, who replied stating the following:

“We’re removing background images from the home and notifications timelines on web for all users. Now, background images are only available where logged-in users will see them publicly (Tweet pages, list pages and collections pages). You can find help center content about customizing your design and where it’s visible on Twitter here.”

So, it appears that Twitter backgrounds are gone for good, but that is not good at all. Displaying them in individual tweets kind of makes the point moot.

Header images, however, are not affected, and continue to be displayed as normal in all pages of Twitter. This is a little consolation for losing backgrounds.