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Twitter rolls outs a new homepage for unregistered and logged out users

Twitter rolls outs a new homepage for unregistered and logged out users

by AshwinApril 16, 2015

Microblogging website, Twitter, has rolled out a new homepage for users who do not have an account, and also for those who aren’t logged in.


The new page offers various topics, which can be accessed without logging in to the service.

The new homepage, also has a search bar which you can use to look for trending topics, hashtags and other information.

If you are wondering why Twitter is changing the homepage, perhaps this will shed some light on it. The Verge reports that, Twitter has millions of unregistered users visit the website to read the tweets  The total number of users who visit Twitter without an account total to a whopping 500 million every month. And about 125 Million of those users land directly on, the social network’s homepage. It also says that around 200 Million users visit the profiles of registered users.

So, Twitter’s homepage is receiving a makeover, in a bid to lure all those users to sign up for its network. It could also bring back inactive users lo log back in to the website, and start Tweeting actively. Twitter has another advantage by using the new homepage. The social network can monetize from it, by delivering ads to users.

Gabor Cselle, Product Manager at Twitter wrote in a blog post saying:

“Starting today, when you go to the homepage, you’ll find interesting topics to explore like Politics, Pop Artists and even Cute Animals. Click on the topic and you’ll see a timeline of Tweets from some of the most popular accounts in that topic. It’s rich real-time content, just like the Twitter experience for users who log in.”

This move by the company, could be one it will definitely benefit from.  Twitter is not just a social network, over the years it has developed into a hub for realtime news, live events and more.

Also, if you are on a public network or computer and find it insecure to

Oh and if you are curious, what the what the old homepage looked like, take a look:


Nothing to pique your interest there, just standard log in and sign up options, and a background image (based on the region you are in) and which changes automatically every now and then.

And we have some bad news, the new Twitter homepage is only available for users in the U.S at the moment, but the social network has said it will roll out the new one to other regions over time.