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Twitter will autoplay videos in your timeline, and here is how to disable it

Twitter will autoplay videos in your timeline, and here is how to disable it

by AshwinJune 17, 2015

Microblogging website, Twitter will autoplay videos in your timeline.

The company announced the news on its blog today.

So, the next time a user you follow uploads a video to Twitter (or posts a video tweet), it will start playing automatically without the need for you to tap on the video.

At first look, this seems like a time saving feature. After all, it takes one whole second to click or tap on it to initiate the playback. Oh, and autoplaying isn’t limited to video tweets, it is also enabled for native videos (shot with the Twitter app), Vines and GIFs too.

Will it  play Audio automatically?

If you are wondering if autoplaying videos will play in the background, and may embarrass you by blaring an audio in a background tab, it won’t. Though it does happen at many websites, who think its cool to autoplay their videos. Yes, that includes Facebook too. They are even more annoying than ad banners and flashing ads.

At least someone at Twitter had the right idea, by not enabling sound by default in autoplaying videos. You will have to manually click or tap on the video to turn on the sound. Doing so will also play the video in an expanded view. And if you are on a touch screen device, you can turn it to landscape mode, and the sound will enabled, while the video will expand to full screen mode.

Data consumption issues:

There is another problem in autoplaying videos. They could consume precious bandwidth or mobile data, and if you are on a data plan which bills you for data consumed, you could land yourself a huge bill.

How to disable Twitter videos from autoplaying?

Twitter Web version:

Click on your profile icon and select Settings from menu. Now, in the “Accounts” tab, you will find an option for Video Tweets. You just need to uncheck Autoplay videos.

Twitter iPhone app:

Go to the Twitter app’s Settings > Video autoplay and tap on the option which says “Never play videos automatically.”

Twitter is rolling out autoplaying videos for the iOS app and its web version. Twitter for Android will get the feature soon.

Doing one of the above, will switch from autoplay to click-to-play.  I have dug around the settings and did not find the option to disable autoplay videos. I have also observed that videos aren’t autoplaying in my timeline yet. So it is possible that Twitter has not rolled out the feature to everyone yet, although the announcement said it would be.