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UC Browser is now available for Windows

UC Browser is now available for Windows

by AshwinApril 13, 2015

The popular mobile browser, UC Browser is now available for Windows computers.

The browser has been around for a very long time, and has a large user base in several platforms.

UC Browser debuted for Java based phones in 2004, and is currently available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and older operating systems like Symbian and Java ME. Its Android app has over 300 million users.

UC Browser for Windows:

This is the interface of UC Browser.  If you think the UI looks familiar, it is because the Windows version of UC Browser is based on Google’s open source browser, Chromium Project. Before we take a look at UC’s features, let me explain how cool the installation process was.

Running the installer’s .EXE file brought up the setup process with the following circular image, with UC’s logo on it.


A gear icon is partially hidden in the top right corner, clicking on it brings up the installation options, as seen below.


A welcome screen was waiting upon the first launch of the browser.


And a tab asked me to select what kind of speed-dials I wanted, the usual rectangular ones or beautiful bubbles which are also bookmarks.



Rectangular Speed Dials:


Bubble Bookmarks:


You can change the view anytime you want by opening a new tab and selecting the icon which shows speed-dials in a small window. You can also add new dials, reset the layout, change the wallpaper of the new tab, and manage cloud tabs, right within the new tab window.

The button on the top right corner is for managing extensions. UC browser supports Chrome extensions, and comes with the UC Image Previewer extension pre-installed. But you can disable or remove it if you don’t like it.

You can download more extensions by clicking on “Get More Extensions”, or by visiting an extensions page in the Chrome Store.


The large icon on the top left corner is actually the menu button, which has several options including opening a New Window, Incognito Window (Private browsing), Finding content on a page, Managing Bookmarks, View your browsing History, Manage Extensions, Downloads, Cloud Sync (UC Cloud), Print, Settings, and more.

You can use Cloud Sync to synchronize tabs on UC Browser across all devices. supported platforms

The settings button houses several options, with each one listed under a relevant tab. The General section is probably the most useful as it lets you manage search engines, start-up behaviour, and toggle the search, extensions and bookmark bars. It also has a unique feature called “Thunder high-speed download”, which is enabled by default.

Other options available under settings include:

  • Tabs – which lets you change the way tabs behave
  • Speed Up – Preloading options for Pages, Links and auto page scroll
  • Mouse Gestures – Customizable quick shortcuts which toggle various functions.
  • Hotkeys – Keyboard shortcuts
  • Ad Block – Block and Filter ads, whitelist ads on specific websites, and block pop-ups

The browser imported all of my bookmarks without prompting me. Users who have concerns regarding privacy may frown upon this.

Overall, I find that UC Browser is quite good, except for the shady import of bookmarks. It was able to load all pages fine, and gave me very little trouble. Since it is based on Chromium, it has many of the same bells and whistles, while its unique features stand out well.

Give UC Browser for PC a whirl by downloading it from its official page.


Thanks Mohammad for the tip.