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Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 Review

Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 Review

by May 14, 2015

Get tired of slow PC performance? Read this Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 Review.

Do not fall into despair! Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 will help you to solve all problems related to computer problems and make it as fast as possible. Thanks to a lot of advanced tools, you can easily tune up your system and bring back its speed and efficiency.

Download and Installation

The program can be downloaded from the official Uniblue website. The installation process is very easy. All what you need is to accept the license agreement, choose the location for installation, create a desktop or quick launch icon and click Install. That is all.

The program is available in more than ten languages and the trial version is fully functional.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 4

Interface of the Program

The interface of the program consists of four tabs:

Overview – contains an overview of all the tools in the program.

Interface- Overwiew Tab

Live Speed Tools – here are collected tools for automatic monitoring and managing PC performance.

Interface- Live Speed Tools Tab

PC Optimization – in this tab, are gathered 13 tools for optimizing PC performance.

Interface- Pc Optimization Tab 1

Settings – contains some settings of the program.

Interface- Settings Tab 1- General

The main Features of the Program

Live Speed Tool s– Speed tools are specially designed for improving your computer performance, they constantly monitor any processes and automatically correct problems. The program has got five tools, they are as follows:

CPU Manager – if CPU consumes a lot of system resources, the computer becomes more sluggish and irresponsible. This tool monitors these processes and tries to reduce CPU load by adjusting the optimal distribution of resources.

Hard Disk Manager – with the help of this tool you can monitor hard disk usage and evenly distribute it.

Software Launch Booster – this tool accelerates the start or launch of any application by redirecting extra system resources and reducing their startup time.

Start Menu Software Accelerator – this tool accelerates the opening of Start Menu programs.

Proactive Thumbnails Generator – normally, the Windows operating system generates thumbnails for opening a folder with images. This tool generates thumbnails and stores them in the Windows system folder, after that the system will quickly extract thumbnails from the memory and not generate them.

Interface- Live Speed Tools Tab

PC Optimization – the more you use your computer the slower it runs but if you want to speed up its performance and clean up your system, you can easily and reliably do all these tasks with the help of the program Uniblue PowerSuite 2015. It contains 13 different tools for maintaining, cleaning, repairing and optimizing your PC. They are as follows:

Windows Registry Errors – registry is the most important part of the Windows operating system where is stored information about the configuration of the computer, for example, user profiles, information about installed programs, etc. For this reason it is necessary to keep it clean and in good order. Every day we perform various actions, i.e. install or uninstall programs, change some parameters, etc., and over time a large number of outdated registry settings may significantly slow down the performance of the operating system. But, thanks to Uniblue PowerSuite 2015, you can easily find and correct all these errors. The program allows you thoroughly clean incorrect file extensions or associations, missing or invalid paths, invalid shortcuts, missing files and empty keys. The complete removal of all these errors can greatly improve the efficiency and speed of the computer.

Windows Registry Errors 1

Unused Processes – a lot of different processes and services are run in the Windows operating system and they consume system memory and CPU usage. Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 defines processes and services used by the operating system in the background, if any of these processes or services are not used by the system, the program will disable them in order to free up the system resources and speed up the performance of the computer. The program lets you know which startup processes and Windows services can be safely disabled, all you need is to click Optimize to accelerate the system performance and speed.

Unused processes

System Setting to Optimize – the program allows you to configure system settings for achieving maximum performance and speed of the operating system. You can safely manage Startup and Shutdown (for example, speed up shutdown by automatically closing non-responding applications, etc.), System Resources (for example, enable NIC onboard processor or split pagefile overall physical disks and optimize the size, etc.) and Windows User Interface (for instance, disable Windows animations, etc.).

System Settings to optimize 1

Windows Junk Files – with the help pf this handy tool you can easily get rid of unnecessary files and free up hard disk space. The program allows you to clean up unnecessary data entries, installer files, Windows temporary files, cache files, memory dumps, and so on.

Windows Junk Files 1

Internet Junk Files – a lot of confidential and private data is left after using browsers, for example, browsing history, cookies, caches, passwords and Internet temporary files. Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 lets you clean up those files on the one hand and free up some space on your hard drive on the other hand. The program currently supports all well-known browsers, i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Internet Junk Files 1

PC Startup Optimizer – with the help of this tool you can control and manage those programs and services which are automatically started together with the Windows operating system. You can identify and disable unwanted programs and services which slow down the Windows startup and make the operating system faster.

PC Startup Optimizer 1

Old Backups – the Windows constantly monitors any changes in the system, for example, when you install a new program or system update, and saves all these changes by creating restore points. They are very important and essential for system protection because using them you will be able to restore the previous state of the system in the case of problems. But if the system functions properly, you can safely delete those old backups. Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 allows you to get rid of these old backups and free up hard disk space.

Old Backups 1

Compress Files – this tool lets you scan the hard disk for large files and compress them. With the help of this tool you can greatly free up disk space; the main advantage of Compress File tool is that files archived using Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 can be used as any other files because they do not need decompression.

Compress Files 3

Smart Duplicate Files – for those computer users who have got a lot of duplicate files on the hard disk and they do not want to waste their time searching for them manually, can take full advantage of this tool. Thanks to advanced scanning algorithm, the program thoroughly explores every sector of your hard disk and finds any duplicate files including documents, music, pictures, videos and archives.

Smart Duplicates Finder 2

Device Driver Updates – Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 scans your hardware and determines if there are updated drivers for any devices. If updates are available, the program will download and install new drivers automatically just with one click of the mouse. Timely driver updates enhance the system performance and improve hardware efficiency.

Device Driver Updates 2

Disk Defragmentation – over time more and more files are added to the hard disk and individual parts of one file become more and more distant from each other and they are disorderly scattered over the disk. This is the main reason of computer slowness because of fragmentation of files. With the help of Uniblue PowerSuite 2015, you can join together those files, eliminate fragmentation and improve the speed of your computer.

Disk Defragmentation 3

Registry Defragmentation – the registry is the most complex and important part of the system and it needs permanent care and optimization. With the help of this tool you can remove old and corrupted entries in the registry, reduce its size by deleting unnecessary data and greatly increase the speed of the computer.

Registry Defragmentation

Application Uninstaller – with the help of this tool you can safely uninstall any unwanted applications from the computer. This does not differ much from the Windows inbuilt tool for uninstalling programs. Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 allows you to sort programs by application name, installed date, last used and size.

Application Uninstaller 1


General Settings – contains settings for selecting the preferred interface language, enabling the startup of the program on Windows booting and some others.

Scheduler – the program has got a special scheduler tool which allows you to enable automatic maintenance of the operating system at specified time. You have the possibility to run the deep scan once a week, daily, etc.

Undo – Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 lets you undo any changes performed during optimization of the Windows registry errors, system settings and so on.

Interface- Settings Tab 2- Scheduler

Interface- Settings Tab 3- Undo

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 8.1

At least 256 MB RAM

750 MB of free hard disk space


Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 is a comprehensive and handy suite of tools for maintaining, cleaning, repairing and optimizing speed and performance of the computer. It contains different tools for performing a lot of operations with PC from cleaning the registry to updating outdated drivers. Thanks to a very intuitive interface and plenty of tools you can achieve the best results and significantly increase the speed of the system.


1. User-friendly interface
2. A lot of tools for maintaining the system
3. Tools for automatic management of the system
And much more


1. It does not have a help section. It is difficult to novice users to learn all its features
2. Some tools, for example, a defragmentation tool needs further development

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