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UpdateStar Review

UpdateStar Review

by February 22, 2016

UpdateStar Review

I think that there is no need to say that every program installed on the computer must be up-to-date, i.e. you must hate only the newest and latest versions of the program. There are a lot of reasons why it is so important. Firstly, the latest versions offer tons of improvements and new features; secondly, the operating system is more stable and invulnerable to virus threats; thirdly, a lot of bugs and errors are eliminated, and so on. I think that above mentioned reasons are more than sufficient to show how important timely and constant updates of the programs are.

But it is a very boring and complicated task to check and control the release of new updated version for each software product manually because, as a rule, we have got dozens of different programs on the computer. So it is very useful to have such an application installed on the computer which will check for new versions and automatically update each program in the background without your intervention. UpdateStar Premium 10 is just that application. With the help of it you can fully automate the process of updating and upgrading almost every software program currently known and used. Thanks to UpdateStar Premium 10 you will be able to update all the installed programs at the same time without opening each application separately and manually update them. All these boring and time-consuming tasks will be done for you by UpdateStar Premium 10.

Download and Installation- the installer which is just about 10 MB in size, can be downloaded from the official website. It is multilingual (about twenty languages are currently supported by the program including English, German, French, and so on) and compatible with both 32 and 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system.

Currently UpdateStar Premium 10 is offered in two different versions- Free and Premium. The Free version is feature-limited as compared with the Premium one, but, anyway, it provides you with the basic functions which are required to keep the programs up-to-date, for example, stable major version updates, protection against outdated software, and so on. Of course, the Premium version offers more features and possibilities. Practically it offers a full range of features available in the program, i.e. direct downloads, registry cleaner, automatic schedule, and some others.

If you want to try all the features of the Premium version, you can easily obtain the trial 10 day license and test it. All you need is to visit the official UpdateStar website and enter the email address. The serial code will be immediately sent to your mailbox.

The installation procedure is standard and straightforward; like other software applications, it is performed with the help of the setup wizard. So, all you need is to follow its instructions; just accept the terms of the license agreement, create desktop and start menu icons and, finally, click on the “Install” button. That is all. In less than a minute, the program will be installed and ready to use.

Installation 1

Installation 3

Installation 5

The Interface of the Program- UpdateStar Premium 10 has got a very convenient and user-friendly interface designed in a tabbed style. There are six different tabs in the program; they are as follows:

Start Page- this tab provides you with some general info about last update scan, the number of available updates, and so on.

Programs- all your installed programs are displayed in this tab. All major operations with the applications can be performed here; you can view the fullest report about each program, download updates, uninstall unnecessary programs, and so on.

Import- this is a very useful feature of the program which allows you to import a list of the most popular software applications into the program and keep them always updated.

Cleaner- in this tab there is a special registry cleaner utility which will help you to clean the Windows registry and get rid of incorrect registry entries and junk and left-over files.

Premium License- in this tab you have the possibility to enter the purchased license key or buy the program via a secure online payment page.

Help- this tab contains some informative details about the program and the link to the online help topics.

It should be noted that the interface of the program is highly customizable. You can, for example, increase the font, add or remove columns, apply different filters, and so on.

First Start

Programs tab

The Main Features of the Program- it is a well-known fact that every application has got a special button for checking for updates and upgrades, more than that, some of them offer the possibility to update to a new version automatically without any additional configurations and settings. But I think that it is more comfortable and easier to have only one advanced application which helps you to update all installed application with just one click of the mouse and manage and control them. UpdateStar Premium 10 gives you this unique opportunity.

Once you open the application, it will start searching for every installed program on the computer and give you a detailed report about them and available updates and upgrades. The details with which UpdateStar Premium 10 provide you are really comprehensive and thorough. You can get the following info about each installed program:

Status- UpdateStar Premium 10 displays four different status icons- Check mark (it means that the program is up-to-date and it does not need any updates or upgrades), Green Question mark (it means that the installed version of the program cannot be identified), Yellow Question mark (this mark means that the installed application is unknown in the UpdateStar database) and Exclamation mark (that means that there is an update for the program).

Name- of course, UpdateStar Premium 10 displays the name of each application and those applications which should be updated are displayed in bold letters.

Publisher- i.e. in this column you will find info about the software publisher.

Security Level- some programs (for example, antiviruses, and so on) require special attention and they should be always updated to keep the system stable and free from malware. With the help of UpdateStar Premium 10 you have the possibility to view a security level of each application. The program uses the five-star security rating for each installed application to help users identify the most important and critical updates. For example, five stars mean that the program is very critical and should be always up-to-date; one star means that the program is non-critical and there is no need to update it immediately, and so on.

Installed Version- this column provides you with info about the program version installed on your computer.

Current Version- in this column you can view the latest version of the program.

Last Minor Update- it displays info about the last minor update of the program.

Information- this column provides you with thorough details about all your installed applications. After clicking on the “Info” button, you will be redirected to the UpdateStar special info webpage where you can get the complete info about the program, i.e. short description, technical details (for example, installer size, requirements, license, link to the official website, and so on), Purchase details (UpdateStar Premium 10 provides you with the links for buying the program, for example, Amazon, MyCommerce, and so on), etc.

Unfortunately, the details which I have found on the UpdateStar page are old. On the page which provides you with info about Ashampoo Burning Studio 16, only the description of the previous version has been found by me, i.e. I mean the 15th version. The screenshots were also for the older versions. I have got an old version of Ashampoo Burning Studio on my computer, so I wanted to download a newer version of the program and update it, but, after clicking on the “Download” button, UpdateStar started downloading an ancient twelfth version.

I hope that UpdateStar developers will correct these mistakes and only the newest details and installers will be offered on their website.

Download- this is a very useful feature of UpdateStar Premium 10 because it allows you to download the newest versions of each installed program without visiting every website separately.

Direct Download- the Premium version of UpdateStar Premium 10 allows you to download new versions and update all your installed programs directly without visiting UpdateStar download page. All you need is to click on “Download” button and the download process will start automatically.

Purchase- if your current version of the program is old and it needs to be upgraded to the newer version, you can easily do that without opening your browser; just click on the “Buy” button and you will be immediately directed to the secure online purchase webpage where you have the possibility to buy the program.

Uninstall- UpdateStar Premium 10 also provides you with a special uninstall tool which allows you to remove any unneeded applications from the computer without installing third-party applications or using an inbuilt Windows tool.

Export- UpdateStar Premium 10 offers a very useful tool for exporting a program list. Thanks to this tool you can easily back up all your programs and use them for importing again into the program, for example, after reinstalling Windows. This function allows you to save complete info about every program, for example, details about the license, and so on.

It is very easy to export the programs; all you need is to open the Export assistant wizard, select the programs for export and choose the desired export format, i.e. XUS or HTML. That is all; the complete info will be at your disposal and you will be able to restore it at any time just importing into UpdateStar Premium 10 again.

Export Assistant 1

Export Assistant 2.

Export Assistant 3

Import- with the help of this program’s feature you can easily import previously exported list to UpdateStar Premium 10 or download special packs from the UpdateStar website and import them into the program. On the official website you will find several useful packs which contain the most popular free programs, for example, Windows starter pack, Office pack, and so on.

Cleaner- over time a lot of invalid and incorrect entries are left in the Windows registry which slow down the computer. Now UpdateStar Premium 10 includes a special tool to clean the registry from these unnecessary and incorrect entries. The program thoroughly searches for these entries and allows you to remove them safely and significantly increase system performance.

Settings- in the Settings menu you have the possibility to schedule automatic search for updates by specifying the desired day or time, configure connection options, select the interface language and some others.

Settings 1

Settings 2

Settings 4

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

About 30 MB of free hard disk space.


I think that UpdateStar Premium 10 is a very handy and useful application. It provides you with continuous updates for all your installed programs. Its database contains more than 1,500,000 software titles and immediately informs you if any updates are available. Now thanks to the program, you do not need to search for updates on the Internet; all details and updates will be in one place and in one application called UpdateStar Premium 10.

UpdateStar Premium 10 allows you to get and receive all important and minor updates timely. So, thanks to the program you will never miss any updates for your installed software.

In addition, UpdateStar Premium 10 also offers several interesting and useful tools, for example, tools for uninstalling programs, exporting or importing a list of programs, cleaning the Windows registry from invalid and incorrect entries, and so on.

UpdateStar Premium 10 is that application which helps you to keep the system always up-to-date.


1. It provides you with the latest updates.
2. It protects your computer against outdated software.
3. It helps you to keep the Windows registry clean.
And a lot of others.


Some features, for example, information about software applications need to be improved.

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