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Utililab System Optimizer Review

Utililab System Optimizer Review

by September 13, 2015

Utililab System Optimizer Review.

Utililab System Optimizer is a great program which consists of more than 30 different tools designed to speed up, clean and configure the operating system.

Download and Installation

Utililab System Optimizer can be downloaded from the official Utililab website; it is just 11 MB in size and available in more than ten languages. The trial version is feature limited, i.e. some tools are disabled; so you need to buy a full version to unlock them.

The installation process does not require much time and advanced skills. After starting the installer, just click Next and program will be installed in less than a minute.

Installation 1

Installation 2

The Interface of the Program

The main window of the program is conveniently divided into nine sections and each section contains one or more tools for performing different cleaning, optimization and maintenance actions. These nine sections are as follows:

Home– in this section you can view the current status of your PC. Three different tiles, namely, Privacy, Cleaning and Optimize, display info about your privacy traces, backups, the system registry, the number of found junk files, fragmentation level of the registry or hard drives, etc. Here you can also select one of scan types- Quick, Deep or Custom.

Home section

Smart PC Care– here you have the possibility to select one of the scanning options and perform a quick scan of the system, for example, you can clean junk data and hidden privacy traces, fix registry issues, etc.

Smart PC care section

Registry Optimizers– this section contains two tools for cleaning and optimizing the system registry.

Registry Optimizers section

Disk Cleaner and Optimizers– there are four tools in this section which allow you to remove unnecessary files from the system, clean disks, check drives for errors and analyze the hard drive and get detailed info about it.

Disk Cleaner section

Windows Optimizers– with the help of three tools which are collected in this section, you can optimize game performance, free up unused memory and update system drivers.

Windows optimizers Section

Security and Privacy– this section contains three tools which will help you to protect your privacy by removing any traces of Internet browsing history, securely deleting confidential files and folders and encrypting sensitive files with a strong password.

Security and Privacy Section

Backup and Recovery– this section of the program includes tools for fixing common computer problems, scan the system for duplicate files and get tips for the computer best performance.

Backup and Recovery section

Regular Maintenance– there are four tools in this section- Driver updater, Startup manager, Uninstall Manager and Scheduler.

Regular maintenance section

The Main Features of the Program

Registry Optimizers– Utililab System Optimizer contains two tools for cleaning and optimizing the Windows registry.

Registry Cleaner– with the help of this tool you can scan the Windows registry for different issues related to ActiveX and COM objects, invalid file types and shared files, obsolete shortcuts and uninstalled remnants, corrupted fonts and help files, etc.

The program provides you with thorough info about each found issue and allows you to export it as a log file.

In addition, you can specify some scan settings and create an exclusion list of those registry entries which you want to be excluded from the scan.

Registry Cleaner 1

Registry Optimizer– this tool allows you to analyze the level of registry fragmentation and optimize it by defragmenting fragmented entries.

Registry Optimizer 1

Disk Cleaner and Optimizers– there are four different tools in this section which allow you to clean and optimize disks. They are as follows:

System Cleaner– with the help of this tool you can get rid of unnecessary junk and temporary files which are left after using various applications.

In addition, you have the possibility to customize some settings, for example, you can select the drives to be scanned, files to be removed or excluded from the scan on the one hand and specify some advanced options on the other hand.

System Cleaner 1

Disk Optimizer– over time the hard drive is getting slower and slower because of fragmentation. With the help of this tool you can analyze your hard drive and after that safely defragment it and improve the system performance and speed.

Disk optimizer 2

Disk Tools– the hard drive is one of the most important parts of the computer and it needs constant care. Utililab System Optimizer includes a special tool called Disk Doctor which will help you to check your hard drive for problems and safely correct them using two analysis methods- Normal and Thorough.

In addition, you can test your hard drive and get detailed info about its read and write transfer rate, CPU usage, etc. on the one hand and view its thorough parameters (i.e. its capacity, file system, supported features, etc.) on the other hand.

Obtained reports can be copied to the clipboard or saved as a screenshot.

Disk Tools 2

Disk Tools 1

Disk Explorer– you do not understand why your disks are so overfilled and why you have got so little space in it? By means of a special tool called Disk Explorer, you can view the contents of your disk and explore what files and folders devour the valuable disk space.

Windows Optimizers– this section offers two tools- Game Optimizer and Memory Optimizer.

Game Optimizer– you are a game lover and you have got a lot of games installed on the computer? It is a well-known fact that games consume a lot of system resources but now thanks to a special tool integrated into Utililab System Optimizer and called Game Optimizer, you can forget these problems for good. This function optimizes the usage of RAM during the game session, turns off all unneeded system processes and allows you to achieve the maximum performance of the computer. Everything is very easy; just select the game location, add it to the program game center and click Start Optimized. That is all. The program will configure all other settings.

Game Optimizer 1

Memory Optimizer– the program allows you to optimize memory usage both manually and automatically. During the manual optimization you have the possibility to define that level of RAM usage which will be freed up after clicking on the button Optimize Now and some others. As for automatic optimization, just enable it and configure some settings and the program will try to free up the memory usage according to your defined rules.

Memory Optimizer 1

Security and Privacy– practically every computer user browses the Internet, deletes some sensitive data, etc. But, unfortunately, a lot of confidential info is left after browsing the Internet (for example, accessed websites, cookies, etc.), opening different documents (for example, Microsoft Word or PDF documents), deleting secret info (it is not completely removed from the computer and can be easily recovered with the help of special programs).

In this section of the program you will find three different tools which will help you to protect your confidential and sensitive data and keep them away from the prying eyes; they are as follows- Privacy protector, Secure Delete and Secure Encryptor.

Privacy Protector– this tool allows you to scan for any privacy traces left after using Windows (for example, start menu, commands history, etc.), Browsers (i.e. cookies, history of visited websites, temporary Internet files, and so on; Utililab System Optimizer supports all modern browsers- Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.), Messengers (for example, Yahoo messenger, Skype, etc.) and Microsoft Office (i.e. Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint).

In the settings you have the possibility to configure scan options (i.e. select areas to be scanned, manage cookies, etc.).

Privacy protector 2

Secure Delete– it is a well-known fact that some traces of files still remain on the hard drive after deletion and they can be easily recovered. With the help of this tool you can permanently delete files and folders, Recycle bin items on the one hand and wipe the entire drive or free space on the other hand. Items deleted using this reliable tool cannot be recovered even with the most advanced programs.

In the settings you can customize Drive settings (i.e. set the default drive or default options for wiping process) and Wipe settings (i.e. select one of three wiping methods- Fast secure delete, Random fill data streams and Secure delete- American DoD 5220.22 M).

Secure Delete 1

Secure delete- Settings 2

Secure Encryptor– if you have a lot of confidential documents, you can take full advantage of this very important tool; it allows you to encrypt your sensitive data, i.e. protect them with a strong and unbreakable password. Thanks to this tool, nobody will be able to access your private documents and view them.

Secure Encryptor 2

Backup and Recovery– there are two tools in this section- Undelete and Backup Manager.

Undelete– you have accidentally deleted any important file? Do not worry! Utililab System Optimizer will help you to restore it. With the help of the program you can restore data from internal hard drive, CD or DVD, any removable media and partitions. The program allows you to select scan types (Quick and Deep) and apply some filters (for example, time or size filters, etc.).

Undelete 2

Backup Manager– Utililab System Optimizer has got an inbuilt tool for creating backups of important documents, files, emails, etc. You will always restore them if something goes wrong with the Windows.

Backup Manager 1

Common Problems Fixer– this section of Utililab System Optimizer offers three different tools for fixing common problems related to the Windows operating system, optimizing system settings and searching for duplicate files.

PC Fixer– with the help of this tool you can easily repair common issues related to Control Panel (for example, when specified items are hidden or missing in the Control panel, etc.), Desktop (for example, link arrows are not displayed on shortcuts or run command is missing in the start menu, etc.), Explorer (i.e. when you are unable to access drives, etc.), Taskbar (for example, when system tray icons are not displayed in the taskbar) and Windows (for example, when Windows updates do not work, etc.).

PC Fixer 1

System and Security Advisor– your computer is very slow and you do not know how to improve its performance and speed? If it is so, you have the possibility to run a performance and security scan of the system and identify those issues that slow down the computer. After performing the scan, the program will display all found issues and vulnerabilities and help you to fix them.

System and security Advisor 1

Duplicate Files Finder– computer users, who have got a lot of duplicate files, know that it is very difficult to search for them manually. But, fortunately, thanks to this tool, the process of searching and finding duplicate files on the computer will be as easy as ABC. Only two simple steps are required for complete removal of all duplicate files. In the first step you should select a location to be searched (for example, any folder or hard drive partition). After finishing the scan, Utililab System Optimizer will display all found duplicates and arrange them in different tabs, i.e. images, music, video, documents and compressed. The program allows you to view the size and directory of each found file. In the second step you should simply check those files that you want to be removed. That is all; after selecting the files, they will be permanently deleted.

In the settings you can specify some searching and removal options, for example, File Matching Criteria (i.e. you can define how the program will match duplicate files- the files of the same name or size, etc.), File Types (i.e. you can specify which file types will be searched for- music, video, image, etc.), Ignore List (here you have the possibility to exclude some drives, folders, etc. from the scan process), Removal (i.e. you should specify how to remove duplicate files- send them to the Recycle bin or create a backup copy before deleting them).

Duplicate files remover 3

Regular Maintenance– there are four different tools in this section; they are as follows:

Driver Updater– thanks to this great tool all your system drivers will be always updated. The program scans all your drivers and allows you to update them with just one click of the mouse.

In addition, you have the possibility to create a complete backup of all system drivers or specific ones and safely restore them in the event of the system failure.

In the settings menu you can specify a default location for saving downloaded and backup copies of drivers, schedule an automatic download and installation of new drivers and create an exclusion list of those drivers that you do not want to be scanned and updated.

Driver Scan 2

Startup Manager– Utililab System Optimizer allows you to control and manage all applications and services which are started at Windows startup. You have the possibility to remove any unneeded services and applications or, on the contrary, add a new startup item.

Startup Manager 2

Uninstall Manager– with the help of this tool you can manage all installed applications, i.e. uninstall those program which are no longer needed.

Scheduler– of course, you can perform manual scans of the system, but it is more convenient to schedule automatic maintenance of the computer and run it at specified date and time. The program allows you to schedule automatic scans of drivers, drives, registry, privacy traces, etc. All you need is to select the desired schedule type (i.e. every day, every week, etc.) and date and time. Utililab System Optimizer will run automatic maintenance of the system without your intervention according your scheduled parameters.

Scheduler 1

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 8.1


Utililab System Optimizer is a multifunctional and all-in-one software application which equipped with lots of features; it allows you to protect, maintain and optimize your PC with just one click. With the help of the program you can clean and optimize registry, defragment disks, update drivers, permanently wipe sensitive documents, backup important files, and so on.



A lot of different tools to maintain the Windows operating system


Some tools do not work in the trial version

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