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VIPRE Internet Security Pro 2017 Review

VIPRE Internet Security Pro 2017 Review

by FileCriticApril 26, 2017

What antivirus solution do you currently have? Is it capable of offering top notch security, which Vipre Internet Security Pro does?

It has all the basic things you look for in an antivirus, such as speedy performance, low resource usage, and strong protection, and more.

Threat Track, which is the company behind Vipre, is more than an antivirus software maker, it is a proper security research firm, That’s pretty impressive, right? I still remember trying Vipre for the first time around 10 years ago, when it launched, and was impressed with the security offered. Fast forward to today, and you will see that Vipre has evolved into a magnificent antivirus solution.

Let us tell you about the features of Vipre Internet Security Pro, to help you decide switching from your current antivirus.

The interface of Vipre Internet Security Pro is minimalistic, and quite elegant. It makes use of light colors in a pretty design, which is also very user friendly. The GUI comprises of three tabs:





This is the main screen of t security suite, and it is here you will see the status of the main antivirus protection in Vipre Internet Security Pro. The box on the left side of the Window displays how long it has been since the last scan was completed, when the next is scheduled to run. You can also see whether the Threat Definitions (the antivirus database) are current or not. Just below it, is a third status indicator which mentions if the Firewall protection is on or not.

All three of the status indicators are clickable, and jumps to the Manage tab, when clicked upon. But for now let’s stick to the main screen and check what’s on the right side of the screen. There are two buttons here: Scan and Schedule Scan.

The Scan button allows you to run a quick scan, a full scan or a custom scan. The Quick scan, is the fastest option as it only scans the active processes, and critical areas of Windows for malware, while the Full scan analyzes the entire hard drive for malware, and the custom scan can optionally be chosen to scan running programs, the Windows Registry, Browser Cookies, Rootkits, Archived & Compressed Files.

The Schedule Scan option lets you run any of the above mentioned scan types, at a time and day of your choosing.


This tab lets you see your account information, and subscription information for Vipre Internet Security Pro. Additionally the Account tab can be used for changing the background theme of the program.


This tab has a sidebar on the left, and displays the corresponding options on the right side. The sidebar options are:  Antivirus, Updates, Email, Firewall and Privacy.

These sections have an incredible number of options. We will list the most important ones here.


This tab in Vipre Internet Security Pro, is where you can configure the Antivirus. You can use it to view the quarantine contents, to see files which were detected as malware. This is useful, in case you want to restore a false positive detection, or to delete the infected files permanently.

The Advanced Active Protection, is the technology which Vipre uses to protect your computer, in real-time. It can also scan files when they are accessed or copied from one folder to another. There is an option, which can be set to let the program only scan when files of a specific file format is accessed.

Now there are 2 levels of Advanced Active Protection, Performance which takes up least resources, and Most Secure, which uses more memory, but is the more powerful of the two options.

You can add an extra layer of security, by optionally letting the suite check for potentially malicious applications., and block them. This setting is enabled by default, and so is the Web Filtering option which blocks dangerous websites from harming your PC. Vipre is enabled to handle threats it detects automatically, i.e, clean infected files, delete them  or placing them in quarantine, so it does not bother you to take actions manually.

When a scheduled scan is missed, Vipre will automatically, run a quick scab at the next opportunity, using the Catch Up Scan. Likewise, the Second Layer Scan, runs a full scan when a quick scan detects a risk. The Scan Removable Drives option, blocks malware originating from USB storage devices.  You can exclude files from scans using the “Manage Excluded Items” part in the tab.


Vipre Internet Security Pro automatically handles definition updates, by regularly checking for newer versions, and downloading them.

Some antivirus products these days do not come with a basic option, such as a progress bar, which shows the virus definition update download, and the installation status. Fortunately Vipre does offer this option, and you can see the updates status from the Manage tab.

Vipre Internet Security  Pro can also check for missing Windows Update and outdated third-party software, helping you reduce security vulnerabilities.


This is the anti-spam module in Vipre Internet Security Pro, which protects your email clients, and prevents malware and phishing attacks originating from emails.


It wouldn’t be a security suite, without a firewall, would it? Vipre Internet Security Pro has a 2 way firewall, which not only blocks attacks originating from the web, but also prevents leaks from your computer. You can ad your own network rules for the programs you have to block internet access to a program, or to allow safe ones to connect online.

There is an Intrusion Detection System in the program, which secures your computer from attacks, which originate from the same network.


The Social watch in the Privacy tab of Vipre Internet Security Pro, can be used for scanning your Facebook timeline regularly for malicious content, and notify you if any are found. There is a file shredder tool, called the Secure File Eraserm which can prevent traces and recovery of files you delete. You can use the the History Cleaner, for deleting your browsing and searching history.

Vipre Internet Security Pro’s ease of use, solid protection, and less usage of resources, deserves a thumbs  up. You can get the best VIPRE Coupon Code at couponbuffer.