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Vivaldi 1.0.340.7 Snapshot adds support for muting tabs, HTML5 notifications and Netflix

Vivaldi 1.0.340.7 Snapshot adds support for muting tabs, HTML5 notifications and Netflix

by AshwinDecember 4, 2015

Vivaldi browser has received a new update in the Snapshot channel.

Vivaldi Silent Tabs For Users
The latest build brings the version number up to 1.0.340.7.

Silent Tabs:

Vivaldi follows in the footsteps of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, to add support for muting tabs. Vivaldi calls the feature as “Silent Tabs For Users”, which sounds a bit odd, but the company says is just an internal name. So let’s hope for something catchy. Did you notice that the shortened name for the feature is STFU?

The feature is simple to use, and all you have to do is to click on the speaker icon of any tab, to mute or unmute it. Vivaldi says it will make the Silent Tabs a more powerful option in the future. We are guessing that this probably means it will add support for muting all tabs at once, or maybe highlight the noisy tab in a better way.

Netflix Support:

Recently, we reported that Vivaldi added support for the commonly used video codec, H.264/AAC and MP3 audio. Now the browser maker has patched in some improvements to officially support the popular video streaming service, Netflix.

Vivaldi Netflix support

HTML5 Web Notifications:

Vivaldi now officially supports HTML5 Web Notifications. This will allow websites to send you push notifications for new content and more. Of course, this will only happen, when you choose to recieve the notifications from the site, in the first place. Mozilla Firefox is one browser which already supports this feature, while another example would be Chrome, of course.

Vivaldi HTML5 Web Notifications

You can now cancel a drag and drop function, by hitting the escape key.

Vivaldi says it is moving towards the final release, and is targetting on improving the above mentioned features to be polished off before the first stable version of the browser is launched.

This staement however, has drawn in strong criticism from the strong Vivaldi user community, which wants the browser maker to fix the performance issues in the browser before Vivaldi makes its official debut, which should happen sometime in th first quarter of next year. One feature which we like to be fixed is mouse gestures, which seems to be a tad wonky at times, and that Mail tab has been coming soon for a long time too.

Download Vivaldi Snapshot 1.0.340.7 for Windows, Mac and Linux from the official website.

We have been using the beta version of Vivaldi browser as our default driver, having replaced Mozilla Firefox, and it’s been a great experience surfing the web sans any lags.