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Vivaldi browser (Beta 2 Candidate) lets you move Tabs between Windows easily with a context menu option

Vivaldi browser (Beta 2 Candidate) lets you move Tabs between Windows easily with a context menu option

by AshwinDecember 15, 2015

Vivaldi has released a new Snapshot build, called 1.0.344.34 as it moves closer to the second beta version.
Vivaldi browser move tabs between windows

Let’s call it the Beta 2 candidate release, because that is exactly what it is, according to the developers of the browser.

Now, before going into what the new version adds, consider the following scenario. Very often, we tend to clutter our browser space by opening too many tabs. For instance, I have around 30+ tabs open on any given time. The real problem is not memory consumption aka slowdowns.

Vivaldi does have an audio tab indicator to point out which tab is being noisy, so that does make things a little bit easier. But neither is that the issue, the bigger headache here, is to manage all the open tabs.

With a ton of tabs open all over the browser, it becomes a time consuming task, to fnd out the tab you want to browse. You could of course close some of the “less important” tabs, but the real solution is actually having multiple browser windows, each with its own set of tabs. But what if you wanted to move one tab from one browser window, to another window?

This is the feature that Vivaldi Beta 2 Candidate brings. Ad this feature couldn’t be more easier to use, for it doesn’t require you to drag your mouse from one window to another. All you need to do is a simple right click on the tab, and select the context-menu option “Move To”, and choose a destination Window. Presto, no wait Blink. See what I did there?

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t have a second window open in the background, you can still select a tab to Move To, and select the New Window option, and a new one will be opened.

And speaking of dragging tabs, Vivaldi has confirmed this feature will be implemented in the future. It shouldn’t be too hard, since the browser is based on Google Chromium, which of course, already has the option.

Vivaldi says it has fixed a crash issue in the latest build, and states that the bug reportedly occured when users tried to create a note when a folder is selected.

Download Vivaldi 1.0.344.34 from the official website.

On a personal note, the browser is by no means smooth as butter yet on our test runs. Memory consumption does remain a major issue (since the last few builds), especially spiking the disk usage, and randomly freezing up in a white screen. But your mileage may vary.