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VLC ARM64 version officially released

VLC ARM64 version officially released

by AshwinJune 5, 2018

The VLC ARM64 version has been officially released by VideoLAN. The multimedia player is one of the most popular software, used by Windows, Linux, Mac, and in recent years has been widely used by iOS and Android users.

The 64-bit version of VLC player has been around for a long time. So what’s new about this? We are not talking about the regular 64-bit version here (Intel, AMD). ARM64 is the 64-bit version of processors which use the ARM technology, most notably in the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets.

You may not come across such computers very often, though ARM processors which are made by mobile chispet giant, Qualcomm, ave been around for nearly 2 years. They are usually seen on Raspberry Pi devices, always connected devices from HP, ASUS, Lenovo and even third-party mini PC boxes. The current gen processors used on these devices are the Snapdragon 835 SoCs.

ARM PCs have not picked up a lot, but things could change with the newly announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 chipset, which has been built exclusively for Windows 10 devices.

Besides those factors, it was only recently at the Build 2018 Developer’s Conference, that Microsoft announced a new ARM64 SDK for Windows 10. This allowed developers to compile their existing ARM applications into 64-bit versions.

Considering the fact that VLC is being developed by a non-profit organization, which depends on crowdfunding and donations to support the website and developers, it only took them about a month to release a VLC ARM64 version officially. In fact, the VLC ARM64 version is one of the first apps to support the new SDK, which is quite an achievement in itself.

You can download the VLC ARM64 version from the official website right now. The app works similar to the regular desktop app, which is a good thing. It supports all the formats which the regular version does. That being said, we wouldn’t be very surprised if you run into a bug or two, because this is still an early release, which is highlighted by the “dev” in the folder’s name of the installer.

VLC ARM64 version official

Speaking of which, the installer for the ARM64 version is delivered in a ZIP archive, which you can extract and run directly. In other words, it is a portable version. Also, the version number of the ARM64 variant is VLC 4.0,  which is a generation ahead of the current stable build (VLC 3.0 for PCs) This version cannot run on regular PCs with an Intel or AMD chipset, but why would you need that anyway?