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5% OFF Vyond Discount Coupon

5% OFF Vyond Discount Coupon

by FileCriticOctober 18, 2019

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Impressed by those whiteboard animations and video infographics that just grab your attention like none other? Ever wished that you could implement them in your own projects? This may sound crazy, but they aren’t all that difficult to create. And nor do they cost as much as you think. But only if you know exactly what to use to create them. And there’s nothing better than Vyond that can do that.

Previously known as GoAnimate, the freshly revamped Vyond is all you need to craft awesome animated videos. Whether you are an individual looking to incorporate animations in your marketing or eLearning efforts, or a full-scale organization searching for that perfect animation solution to deploy within the workplace, nothing fits the bill better than Vyond. Let’s check out the various solutions that Vyond provides so that you can better decide as to what fits you the best.

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Vyond Studio

Vyond Studio provides powerful, yet intuitive means to allow any individual, regardless of skill level, to create stunning 2D animations, professional-looking whiteboards, and video infographics. And we aren’t talking about cookie-cutter animations that you see everywhere either.

When you use Vyond Studio, you gain access to a massive digital library that consists of thousands of props (characters, colors, backgrounds, templates, etc.), all of which are fully customizable to suit your needs. All animations come with fully automated lip-sync support, so your animations look professional right from the get-go. And what about audio? Not to worry — these are dozens of premium sound tracks that you can choose to spice up your animations.

But the best part about Vyond Studio is its cloud-based nature — consider it the Google Docs of animations. You just need an internet connection and nothing else. Simply sign into your Vyond account using Chrome or Firefox, and you are ready to start animating. All of your work is saved automatically — not only is that convenient, but you can also access your projects seamlessly from pretty much anywhere.

Vyond Studio is also one of the most intuitively built animation tools that you can get your hands on to. It will walk you through every facet of the video creation process with a healthy dose of tooltips. And if you need more information, there are detailed FAQs and walkthroughs ready for your perusal.

Publishing your work is even easier. You can choose to instantly send your work over to your YouTube account (as well as a number of other platforms) without having to waste time downloading and reuploading content manually. Or you can export your videos in GIF format, which is just perfect if you want to incorporate them in email or instant messaging marketing campaigns.

With Vyond Studio, creating superb animations is a no-brainer, and it would actually take thousands of words to really explain the number of amazing ways that you can use it. So it’s best to use the 14-day free trial to get a better idea as to how it works. We are sure that you would love it.

Vyond for Enterprise

Vyond Studio is not just an animation toolkit for individuals. In fact, it’s more than suitable for wide scale deployment throughout an organization. And with the various ways that Vyond Studio can deliver data visualizations in a compelling manner, why not? Vyond for Enterprise is built on such a premise, and provides a flexible whole-business solution to help get entire teams onboard quickly and efficiently.

In fact, Vyond will actively work with your organization to address its exact needs, and then charter a training roadmap to help individuals within your organization use Vyond Studio productively. And with the Vyond Accel program, which is part and parcel of Vyond for Enterprise, a designated success manager will be available for periodic account reviews and best practice training sessions.

Be it creating HR training modules for your workforce, enabling collaboration among team members on animation projects, or crafting marketing content targeting your customers, Vyond for Enterprise will not disappoint.

Vyond Secure Suite

Vyond Secure Suite isn’t actually a separate Vyond product, but rather a complementary add-on to Vyond for Enterprise. It helps quel any security issues that your organization may be subject to when deploying Vyond Studio throughout your organization. And rightfully so, considering the online-based nature of Vyond Studio.

With Vyond Secure Suite, all Vyond accounts are automatically secured from brute-force hacking with the use of an intelligent anti-hacking detection algorithm. Security features also expand to areas such as connectivity, where administrators can easily choose to whitelist trusted connections, thereby only allowing select IP addresses from connecting in the first place.

Other notable features in Vyond Secure Suite include customizable password complexity protocols for password policy compliance, locally administered SSO enforced by security certificates, and custom video cache expiration controls to negate data theft attempts.

Go Animate With Vyond

Vyond is an amazing online animation software that ticks all the right boxes. Whether its the seamless web-based nature, the super-intuitiveness with which you can create videos, or the plethora of ways that you can export your work with, you can’t go wrong by opting for Vyond. Choose your pick, be it Vyond Studio or Vyond for Enterprise (with or without Vyond Secure Suite), and then super-charge your work with amazing video animations like never before.