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Waterfox 43.0 removes signed extension requirement, adds full Windows XP support and more

Waterfox 43.0 removes signed extension requirement, adds full Windows XP support and more

by AshwinJanuary 7, 2016

A few weeks ago, we reported that Waterfox, the popular 64-bit browser based on Mozilla Firefox, will be removing the signed extension requirement.

Waterfox 43.0

And it has happened with the release of version 43 of the browser.

Alex Kontos, the developer behind the browser, announced today, that the browser now has full support for Windows XP (to be precise 64-bit XP, since the browser is 64-bit exclusive), including support for WebGL. It now has all HTML5 features as Firefox, and even the ones that Mozilla has in place but not enabled, like support for WebP images.

Two new additions to WaterFox are the (privacy centric search engine) and Ecosia (an eco-friendly search engines), which are now available for, the search engine list.

64-Bit NPAPI whitelist, Encrypted Media Extensions and Mozilla Data Reporting services have all been removed from Waterfox 43. The browser will no longer use the same Windows registry entries as Firefox does. So you can use both browsers on the same PCs without affecting the other one.

Mac OS X users aren’t left behind either, with a nice little feature addition. Automatic updates for WaterFox now works on Mac machines.

Waterfox has jumped straight from version 40.1 to 43.0, to reflect the build number of Firefox, yes, the latest version is based on Mozilla Firefox 43.0.3 which was released back in December. This includes all the features which Mozilla added, like the Search Suggestions from the address bar, aka the awesome bar.

The developer apologized on the announcement page for the late release, which was caused by two ground breaking bugs. One of those caused the browser to crash, and the other caused some errors in the UI.

This of course has been fixed, and Waterfox 43 is quite stable, and secure thanks to the constant feedback and support it receives from its community over at Reddit.

The automatic update should roll out for all users soon, but is not available on the automatic updatet yet. If you can’t wait for it to arrive, you can get the latest installer and update to it manually.

Download Waterfox 43.0 for Windows and Mac, from the official website.

If you haven’t tried the browser yet, give it a shot, you will see a huge performance boost when switching from Firefox, even the 64-bit build. And if you didn’t know it doesn’t come with any of the bloatware that Mozilla ships in Firefox, such as the Pocket integration, Directory Tiles ads, to name a few.