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Website X5 Evolution 12 Review

Website X5 Evolution 12 Review

by October 1, 2015

Website X5 Evolution 12 Review.


The program opens with the Welcome Page. On the left side you can see four buttons that provide direct access to the official website of Website X5 Evolution 12 and the online help page where you can ask a question, view FAQ and request for assistance on the one hand and check for updates and customize some preferences, for example, Projects folder, etc., on the other hand.

The main window provides you with info about the program and includes tutorial videos, templates, gallery and photos.

Through the welcome page you can access the main tools of the program. It is divided into two parts- on the left there is a sidebar where you can find all five steps for creating the project, i.e. General Settings, Map Creation, Page Creation, Advanced Settings and Export.

On the right side there is an action pane which allows you to create a new project or edit an existing one.

welcome Page

The main window

The Main Features of the Program

Website X5 Evolution 12 offers unlimited and advanced possibilities for creating websites, blogs and online shops. You do not need any extraordinary programming skills; even novice and unexperienced users will easily create great websites using five simple steps.

Before starting a new project, you should name it; just enter the desired name and click the Save button and it will be saved in the Projects folder of the program. After that you can proceed to the first step.

The First StepGeneral settings– this step is divided into four categories, namely, General settings, Template selection, Template Style and Template Customization.

General Settings is divided into two tabs- General (it allows you to title the website, specify website’s author and URL address and add a short description on the one hand and select the desired Content Language (currently the program supports more than 20 languages including English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian and so on; if you want to change some offered by the program settings or add and import a new language, you can easily do that in Language Content Manager window), Website Icon (the program supports the following graphic formats- ICO, PNG, GIF, JPG and JPEG) and Website Image (the supported formats are PNG, GIF, JPG and JPEG) on the other hand.

The other tab which is called Responsive Design allows you to select the desired size of the screen used for navigating the website for different devices, for example, smartphone, tablet or desktop. All you need is to specify the landscape and portrait orientation in pixels.

General Settings- general

General Settings- responsive design 1

Language Content Management

Template Selection– it is very essential to have a good-looking website because it will be a main reason of its success. So, it is very important to select a beautiful and attractive template for it. Website X5 Evolution 12 offers you three different options: you can select Default Templates (i.e. templates offered by the program; it includes a lot of templates with vertical or horizontal menu which are conveniently grouped into several categories, for example, Hobby, Fashion, Cinema, Theater, and so on. The template selected by you will be displayed in the preview area), Custom Library Template (i.e. those templates that you have created before and stored in the library) and New Template (the program allows you to create your own templates and use them for the website).

Custom Library templates

Default Template 1

Template Style– after selecting the desired template, you can define and customize its style and layout. Website X5 Evolution 12 offers a lot of different tools for setting up your website’s text, menu, etc. They are as follows:

Main Template Structure– with the help of this tool you can specify Menu Type, i.e. how to navigation menu will be displayed in the website pages (for example, Horizontal- Menu below the header, etc.) and Page Section (for example, page background, menu, footer, etc.). In addition, you have the possibility to customize Graphic Properties (color, background image, alignment, etc.) and Content Properties (i.e. the size of margins and alignment).

Responsive Template Structure– here you can also define Menu type and Page Section.

Text Style– in this section you can customize the graphic style of the text on your website; you have the possibility to edit the text style of the page title, active or visited links, footer menu, etc. on the one hand and select the desired background color, text color, font type, alignment, border color, margins, and some others. For convenience’s sake the program displays all performed changes in the preview window.

Main Menu– this section is divided into three tabs- General (it allows you to customize some general settings of the main menu, for example, the width of the buttons, the space between the button and the text, distance between buttons, font type and alignment), Menu Items (here you can customize background, text and border color of the buttons) and 3D Style (in this tab you can add 3D effects to the buttons, for example, Shape- rectangle, circle, etc.), Graphic Look- flat, glass, plastic, etc., Light Direction- top, right, etc., Gradient Factor and Opacity.

In addition, you can define the Border Style (for example, regular), and Outer or Inner width of the buttons.

Drop Down Menu– this section is also divided into three tabs and it allows you to customize the appearance of the drop down menu. In the General tab you can define the style of drop down menu (for example, in ne or multiply columns), the width and margins of the buttons, the font type and alignment of the text and display effects of the drop down menu (for example, fade, drop top, etc.).

In the Menu Items tab you can specify background, text and border color of the buttons, background image for the buttons and images for the bullet icons.

And, finally, in the 3D Style tab you can define different 3D button effects.

Page Menu– this section contains two tabs that allow you to define some settings for the buttons in page menus- General (you can specify the position of the menu- right or left; the width of the menu buttons and distance between them on the one hand and select the desired font and alignment for the text and customize the border around the page menu by specifying its thickness, color, shadow and corners on the other hand) and Menu Items (here you can customize the style of the menu items, for example, background color, text color, etc.).

Tooltip on mouse over– tooltips are very essential for understanding various tools of the program, the external links of the website, etc. Website X5 Evolution 12 allows you to customize the style of the tooltips; you can select Tooltip position (top, bottom, left or right), Effect (fade or alternate), background color, text color, font type and alignment, etc.

Pop-up Window Showbox– in this section you can customize the showbox graphic style, i.e. that window which displays an enlarged picture, video or slideshow after clicking on it; you have the possibility to select the desired effect, outer and inner color, opacity, text color, font type, etc.

E-mail Layout– Website X5 Evolution 12 allows you to customize the graphical appearance of emails sent from your website; you can select E-mail Item (for example, e-mail layout, message content, footer note and company logo) and edit them, i.e. specify background color, border color and thickness, choose an image file for a logo and customize its alignment, position and width, select the text color and font type, etc.

Main Menu- Menu Items

page menu- general

drop Down Menu- General

Template Style 1

Responsive Template structure

Template Customization– after selecting the desired template and defining different template styles, you can customize it with the help of a special inbuilt graphic editor. It allows you to edit the header or footer of the template. You can insert the Text (by specifying its content, font type, text color and background color and applying different effects, for example, drop shadow, mirror, blur, etc.), Image (from the computer or from the online library. The program offers plenty of images sorted out by category- animals, people, religion, etc., and type- photo, clipart and vector. Website X5 Evolution 12 supports the following graphic formats- JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, BMP, TIF, DIB, PCX, RLE, TGA and WMF), Slideshow, Flash animation, HTML code and Search field (by specifying the button label, font type, field and button colors, text and background colours, etc.).


image online library


search Filed


The Second StepMap Creation– in this step you can edit the structure of your website. You have the possibility to add and create as many pages as you want and easily configure their properties and settings.

With the help of levels you can apply different links for easy website navigation, for example, internal or external pages, files or images, etc. Website X5 Evolution 12 allows you to define settings and create a convenient sitemap for easy navigation. In the Properties window you can create links to be executed on item click, for example, links to another page in the website, to external files on the local PC or Internet, email addresses, blog, shopping cart page, and so on.

In addition, the program allows you to add icons for the menu items and a description to the links when the mouse cursor moves over it, i.e. saying in other words, create tooltips. You can select the image file used for the tooltip and control its width and position.

In the Page Properties window you can customize various options for each website page. It is divided into three categories- General (here you can add the title of the page, description and website keywords), Graphic (this section allows you to customize the graphic appearance of the page, i.e. you can add website and page content background to the page by specifying the desired color, image file, etc.) and Expert (in this category you have the possibility to edit HTML code for your website and save it in one of five formats, namely, HTML, PHP, ASP, CFM or JSP; in addition, you can specify the Contents Priority and Update Frequency of the page).

map creation- level properties 1

map creation- main window

map creation- page properties 1

map creation- page properties 2

The Third StepPage Creation– this is a very important step because it allows you to define the contents of each page of your website. All objects used for the page creation are conveniently grouped into five categories- Main Objects, Booking, Google, Page Counters and Widgets.

Main Objects– this category includes 11 objects; they are as follows:

Text– with the help of an inbuilt text editor you can edit and format the text of the page; you can perform practically any needed operations; the program allows you to cut, copy or paste the text, insert the image from the local PC or online library, enable HTML code, use all available system fonts, letter style, text and background color, etc.

Image– Image Objects window is divided into three tabs- General (it is used for importing images from the local PC and online library or specifying their URL address; after that simply title, add the text and link to the image), Display (in this tab you can add some viewing parameters, for example, Display Mode- you have got three options- automatically resize image, manually enlarge and move the image and automatically enlarge and move the image; Quality and Resample Method, for example, decimate). In addition, you can protect the image against copying by checking the appropriate box and define some menu effects. In the Sitemap tab you can add some optional parameters, for example, title, caption, geographical position and license URL.

It should be noted that Website X5 Evolution 12 has got an inbuilt image editor which allows you to perform basic operations with images, i.e. you can crop, flip and rotate images, apply different filters and effects, add watermarks and frames, and some others.

Table– with the help of the program’s editor you can create and format your tables, for example, insert images, add light or dark background, specify table color, and a lot of others.

Gallery– this object tool allows you to publish your photo and video gallery on the website. This tab is divided into three sections- Style (here you can select the Gallery type, for example, Classic slideshow, Thumbnails, etc., define the desired size and choose font and letter style for description, etc.), List (the program allows you to arrange all files conveniently and make a list which displays file names, effects, links and descriptions. You have the possibility to add images and videos from the local computer or Internet, for example, YouTube or Vimeo, etc.; in the Options you can add a link and choose one of the effect types offered by the program and Zoom and Position of the image) and Thumbnails (in this tab you select thumbnails in galleries by specifying their frames and some options, for example, saturation, etc.)

Video and Audio– it is used to add video or audio files to the website; just import desired files from the local computer or enter their URLs. In addition, you can write some descriptions and select the size and Start Type, for example, manual start, autoplay, etc. After installing the Media Player plugin, you will be able to preview video files.

E-mail Form– this section of the program is used to create email forms on the website; it is divided into three tabs- List (with the help of this tab you can create a list of fields for the email form), Send (here you can specify Data submission and Confirmation emails from the users), Style (here you can define the graphic appearance of the email form, i.e. Form Item, for example, labels, fields, etc.)

Guestbook– it is used for creation of special forms for the website visitors to write comments or vote. You have the possibility to select Content type- Comment and Vote, Comment or vote, enable “Abuse” button and “Captcha” anti-spam filter, and so on.

Map– it is used for editing a map that shows website owner’s geographical location and address.

Flash Animation– with the help of this section you can add the flash animation to the website.

Product Catalog– this program’s feature allows you to create an online store and sell your products online through the website. All you need is to make a list of your sold products and customize the graphic appearance of the website store.

HTML Code– with the help of an inbuilt editor you can enter the HTML and CSS code and edit it.

In addition, you can also add Google News box, Google Translate, Shinystat widgets to your website.

Page Creation - main

Page Creation- Image 1

page creation- gallery 2

page creation- gallery effects

image editor 1

The Fourth StepAdvanced Settings– this is a pre-final step in creating of your website. Here you can customize some advanced settings to complete your project. Website X5 Evolution 12 allows you to add the Google services tracking code, create the sitemap, select an entry page for the website, define your blog’s general settings, set the method to handle submitted data, enable privacy and security protection, create an advertising message and RSS feeds, set up access policy to enter the website and manage your shopping cart.


The Fifth StepExport– after finishing the project, you can, of course, publish it. Website X5 Evolution 12 offers three different methods to publish the created project- you have the possibility to upload the website to the Internet using one of Server types- FTP, SFTP or FTPS, burn it to CD or DVD disks and copy to the USB stick, and, finally, save the project in the computer folder.

Export to Internet


System Requirements

Windows 7 to Windows 10

1 GB of RAM

About 600 MB of free hard disk space for the program installation


Website X5 Evolution 12 offers a lot of advanced possibilities for easy creation of any kind of websites. It is fully suitable both for unexperienced users and web professionals. Thanks to the intuitive and easy to use interface and step by step instructions, you do not need to know any professional programming skills; just follow the instructions and the program will do the rest.

No third-party applications are required; everything what is needed for the website creation, you will find in the program- a lot of templates, tools for customizing templates, advanced page creation possibilities, inbuilt graphic and text editor, and a lot of other features.


1. Advanced tools for unexperienced users and professionals
2. Creation of any website in just five easy steps
3. A lot of different templates to use



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Everything what is needed for the website creation, you will find in WebSite X5 Evolution 12- a lot of templates, tools for customizing templates, advanced page creation possibilities, inbuilt graphic and text editor, and a lot of other features

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