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Up to 40% OFF Website X5 Evolution 2019 Discount Coupon

Up to 40% OFF Website X5 Evolution 2019 Discount Coupon

by May 10, 2019

Website X5 Evolution 2019 Coupon Code.

Have you ever looked at websites, and wondered, how much effort goes into the development of the portal? Those social networking websites, and online stores look really cool, and obviously show the spending power of their owners. Web designing ain’t cheap, and there are agencies who specialize in these and slap a dizzy sum as charge for their services.

Many small offices, businesses, and retailers are now looking at the internet, as a platform for selling their products, and services. It’s actually an economically viable solution, because going digital doesn’t require as much as a brick-and-mortar store or a warehouse might cost. Plus, with a website, you have your own brand of advertising, and there is the added advantage of links to the website being shared by your consumers, which acts like a word of mouth ad.

Similarly, you can also blog about things on a website, and gain a huge fan following. Are you an expert in cooking, or drawing, or specialize in crafts? Create a blog, apply for an ad service and make good money, while sharing your talent with your audience.


Now, unlike businesses and offices, you can’t afford to spend a truck load of money on creating a website. Can you? What is an alternative for this? Doing the job yourself. Of course this requires a lot of programming skills, right? No, you don’t even need to know a word about coding, and still design a website all by yourself.

Meet Website X5 Evolution. This is a product from Incomedia, and is a world class product, which lets you design your website from scratch using very simple tools. In fact it is just like using Word, or a similar software, so you can be at ease, when we say no technical skills are need to work with Website X5 Evolution.

Let’s dive right into the software, and see how easy it is to use the program. Upon running the software for the first time, you will be greeted by the following screen, which lets you manage existing websites, or create a new one.

In this example, we will see the steps to create a new website, so click the next button on the top-right edge. This will take a few seconds to generate the website template, so wait until it finishes the task. Now, you will see the general settings screen, which lets you configure your website’s basic information. You can give your website a title, set the author name, select one of many available website categories, your website’s address, and add a text description for the website.


You can also use this window to set the default language, the content of your website will be displayed in. This can be configured by hitting the button next to it. Click on Next, to proceed, and you will see the Advanced Settings in Website X5 Evolution’s General tab.

General tab

The following icons are displayed on the screen.

  • Blog
  • RSS Feed
  • Shopping Cart
  • Statistics, SEO and Code
  • Privacy and Security
  • Entry Page
  • Advertising Message
  • Data Management
  • Access Management


The Blog tab, is where you can manage how the articles your website has, are displayed. The first tab under this section is Posts, and lets you create or remove articles. Click on the add button, to create your first blog post.


The screen you see now, is the basic post editor. You can write a title for your article, select the publication date (and time), the name of the article’s author, the category your article falls under, and also give your article a tag.

Below this, is a large white box, where you can type the content of your article. Above it is a toolbar with collection of icons, which will help you in formatting the text content. You can also use it to insert photos, add bulleted lists, numbered lists, adjust the indent, alignment and more using this easy to use interface. Hit ok to proceed or, click on the expert tab, to see some advanced settings.

You can see a preview of the article by hitting the “preview” button on the top-right edge. This is what our new test website looks like. We will be adjusting it to look even more impressive, so let’s proceed with the project.


Click on the Layout tab, to add social sharing buttons using the “AddThis” service. This well help your website get more traffic, when visitors share the links on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You can optionally add and edit a sidebar of your website using the side blocks option. This also lets you edit its content, for example, you may want to display recent posts, or some affiliate links in a blogroll, or even advertisements to monetize from. Using this screen, you will be able to choose from existing items, or create a new one and add it to the sidebar. Website X5 Evolution lets you customize the styling too, so you have plenty of customization options at your disposal.

The third tab, Comments, lets you enable or disable a comment system, using which your website’s visitors can share their thoughts about your portal with your and other visitors. You can also allow visitors to vote for the content using a star rating system, add a captcha system to filter spam comments and more. This is very useful, if you intend to build a fan following for your website.


  • The RSS Feed tab lets you create an XML feed of articles you publish, which users can read using a feed reader.
  • The Shopping cart tab lets you add a list of products, which you wish to sell via your website, manage orders and payment options, details which sustomers have to enter, sending order emails, currency settings, and more.
  • You can use the Statistics,SEO and Code tab for managing the analytics of your website, and custom codes.
  • The Privacy and security tab lets you define the Privacy terms used by your website, and display a relevant banner. Security wise, it lets you add HTML Code protection like disabling right click usage on pages, and anti-spam measures like Captchas.
  • You can use the Statistics,SEO and Code tab for managing the analytics of your website, and custom codes.
  • The Entry Page cab be used as a welcome page for users, before they can see the homepage of your website. This is useful in-case your website supports multiple language choices, for the user to choose from.
  • The Advertising Message tab can be used for adding a banner with a picture or an animation, to attract the reader’s attention. This can be useful if your online store has a sale going on, or some other promo.
  • Databases linked to the project can be managed within Website X5 Evolution’s Data Management tab.
  • If your website has different levels of users, like admins, guests etc, and/or you wish to restrict access to parts of the website, you can lock them using the Access Management tab.



Next, is the template section. This is where you will select the theme of what your website will look like. Website X5 Evolution comes with tons of free templates. To use these, you will need to sign up for a free Website X5 account.

This allows you access to the entire library, and you can browse for the website themes using the categories drop down menu. You can filter the results which have horizontal and vertical menus, so you get the website to look just like you want it to be.

Double click on a thumbnail to apply the selected template/. this will bring up a window, which prompts you with some options regarding the resolution and responsive design, and the header and footer content. Choose whichever option you like and hit ok. As always, use the preview button to check what the template will look like, when you apply the changes. You can create custom libraries, or even make your own template from scratch. This will require abit of manual effort but it is easy to use.

  • Now, selecting a template, is not enough, we need to customize it even more. So hit the next button, or the cutomization tab in the left sidebar. It has the following options:
  • Resolutions and Responsive Design – This is a very popular option, because it makes your website mobile friendly, by resizeing it to fit the screen size of a phone, tablet or desktop automatically.
  • Template Structure – Advanced customization of contents of menu, based on the theme’s resolution.
  • Header and Footer Content – Adjust the header and footer of your website by adding a title, image, gallery, animation, search field, or your own custom HTML code.
  • Main Menu – This is where you edit the menu styling, the items it lists, and related settings.
  • Drop Down Menu – These settings can be used to alter the drop down menu settings and styling.
  • Page Menu – Allows you to adjust the style of the page menu, which can be used for navigating to other areas of the website.
  • Text Style – This is what the the general text content of your website will look like, and you can edit its font, color, size etc. You can also customize the settings of various text elements like visited link style, button text and more.
  • ShowBox, Tooltip and Email – These allow you to edit the preview image style, the mouseover tooltip style, and the email layout (for the “contact us” section)
  • Page Scroll Options – These settings let you adjust how the page, menus are displayed when the user scrolls down along the page.

The Map tab on the left sidebar lets you view and create your website’s sitemap. This is where you manage pages and levels. Speaking of pages, you can customise them with the Pages tab. The section lets you add various types of content, which will be displayed on specific parts of pages.

The Export tab can be used for exporting the website or the project to your computer’s HDD, or to a disk, or in HTML code. This tab is also the one, which lets you publish your website to the internet, using FTP.

Overall, we are deeply impressed with Website X5 Evolution, and its ease of use. This is a must have application for every beginner blogger or online store

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