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Website X5 Professional 12 Review

Website X5 Professional 12 Review

by October 1, 2015

Website X5 Professional 12 Review.

Before using the program and enjoying all its great features and various tools, you need, firstly, download it, and, secondly, install it on your computer. You can do that easily; just visit the official website of Website X5 Pro 12 and download the latest version. The size of the installer is more than 300 MB. Currently the program supports more than ten languages including English, German, Russian, French, Italian, and so on. The demo version is fully functional but you must not forget that some features are disabled, i.e. you will not be able to save more than 10 pages of the project and export the created website.

It should be noted that Website X5 Pro 12 is the most advanced and fully-featured version of the program as compared with other available ones, i.e. Free, Home, Compact and Evolution. Saying in other words, in the Pro version you will find everything what is needed for creating a great website.

The installation process of the program is very easy and it does not differ much from other similar applications. After clicking on the installer and selecting the desired installation language, you will be greeted with the Welcome Page. Just click on the Next button and then accept the license agreement. After that the program will start extracting all necessary components for proper functioning of all features. It takes just a minute. That is all! Now you are ready for creating a website of your dream. Do not worry! Website X5 Pro 12 will help you to create it.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 4

The Interface of the Program

The main advantage of any program is an easy to use interface and convenient navigation between different tools and functions. Website X5 Pro 12 has got a very thought-out graphic interface and it may be divided into two pages- Welcome Page and Work Environment Page.

The Welcome page is an opening page of the program. It is divided into two parts- Sidebar and Activity Page. The Sidebar (it is located on the left) contains four buttons which allow you to visit the official website, check for updates and define some preferences. The Activity Page provides you with information about the program and contains video tutorials, graphic templates, exclusive offers, and so on.

The Work Environment Page is accessed through the Start button. It can be divided into three parts- Top Button Bar (it is located on the top of the window and it contains five buttons- Help- for visiting the official website, viewing video tutorials, getting online help, and so on, and some function buttons for saving or previewing projects on the one hand and Back and Next buttons on the other hand), Sidebar Buttons (it includes five buttons for creating projects, for example, General Settings, Page Creation, etc.) and Work Environment (for performing all needed operations with the project in five steps).

Welcome page

Project Selection

The Main features of the Program

That sounds a bit incredible but it is an evident fact; with the help of Website X5 Pro 12 you have the possibility to create the website of your dream in just five easy steps. Thanks to the program’s advanced features, it will become an attractive and enjoyable place for every user.

Before starting the project, you need to name it; just select any desired name, click the Next button and start a five-step amazing journey to your website.

It should be noted that you can create as many projects as you want. All your projects will be displayed in the window and you will be able to edit them, i.e. change some parameters, add new features, etc.

In addition, the program allows you to rename, duplicate or back up any existing project.

After naming the project, you can proceed to the first step; it is very important because in this step you should lay the foundation of your website, i.e. make it unique and different from other websites. In this first section the program offers you to customize General Settings (it includes two tabs- in the first tab General you have the possibility to specify the basic parameters of your project, namely, website title, author, address and description on the one hand and content language and website icon and image on the other hand. The Website X5 Pro 12 offers 17 content languages and supports the following graphic formats for adding as a website icon and image- ICO, PNG, GIF, JPG and JPEG); and in the second tab Responsive Design you can choose the desired size of the screen for the website navigation, i.e. make it suitable for viewing on different devices, for example, smartphones, tablets or desktops. It is very important to enable this feature because your website will be easily navigable and convenient not only for desktops or notebooks but also for other devices.

General Settings- General

General Settings- Responsive Design

If you want your website to be attractive and eye-pleasing to others, of course, you need to give more care to its appearance, i.e. simply speaking; it must be very beautiful and charming. Website X5 Pro 12 offers three different options for selecting templates for your website; firstly, you can take full advantage of the default templates offered by the program which are conveniently divided into several categories, for example, Sport, Shop, Business, Photography, and so on; more than 1,000 templates are at your disposal; secondly, select templates from your Custom Library, i.e. those templates which have been previously created and saved by you; and, thirdly, create a completely new template.

Website X5 Pro 12 allows you to view the selected templates with the help of a special preview window or using any well-known modern browsers, for example, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Template Selection- Main

Default template

It goes without saying that the attractive template is very important but it is more important to define its layout and graphic appearance, i.e. in other words, customize its style by specifying some settings and options.

Website X5 Pro 12 offers a lot of different options for organizing the main structure of your template. With the help of the program you have the possibility to set up the following options- Main Template Structure (here you can customize Menu Type, for example, Horizontal or Vertical; Page Section (for example, header or footer background, page contents, and so on) and Graphic Properties (for example, color, background image, etc.)

Text Style– Website X5 Pro 12 allows you to customize the graphic style of your website, for example, page title or text, field, buttons, background or text color, font type, and so on.

In addition, you can also set up the appearance of the main menu, drop-down menu or page menu on the one hand and customize the style of tooltips, showbox or email layout on the other hand.

And, finally, with the help of a special template editor you can customize the header and footer of your website, insert texts (by specifying their content, font type, text and background color and effects), add images (from the computer or online library; the program supports the following graphic formats- JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, BMP, TIF, DIB, PCXZ, RLE, TGA and WMF), slideshows, HTML code and search field.


Online Library

After defining General Settings and selecting the desired template for your website, you can proceed to the second step- Sitemap Creation, i.e. you have the possibility to customize Menu levels and Sub-levels and add as many pages as you want by linking them with each other for easy navigation.

In the Level properties window you can define links to be executed on the item click and icons for the menu items.

In the Page properties window you can set up, firstly, some general settings, for example, Extended page title, Page description and Website keywords; secondly, define its graphic appearance, for example, page background and its color, image file and its alignment, and so on; and, finally, edit the HTML code for the page and save it in one of the formats offered by the program- HTML, PHP, ASP, CMF or JSP.

Sitemap Creation- main

Page Proprties

After creating the sitemap and adding the desired number of pages, you can proceed to the third step- Page Creation and start the creation of different pages of your website and defining the contents of each page.

All objects that can be added to the website page are conveniently divided into five different categories, namely, Main objects, Booking, Google, Page counters and Widgets.

Main Objects category consists of 12 objects which allow you to perform the following actions:

Text– with the help of the full-featured text editor you can edit and format the text, i.e. insert link or image, enable HTML code, select the desired font type and size, add text and background color, etc. In addition, you have the possibility to edit each added tab, for example, display mode, navigation buttons and color.

Image– images beautify the website, so it is very important to add them to it. Website X5 Pro 12 allows you to add images from the computer, Online library or Internet (just enter the desired URL). You have the possibility to define their display mode, quality and enable protection against copy.

In addition, with the help of the inbuilt image editor you can edit images, for example, crop, flip or rotate them, add various filters, frames and effects, apply brightness and contrast, etc.

Website X5 Pro 12 also allows you to create and format tables, add video and audio objects or flash animations, Google new box and Google translate gadget, Shinystat visit counter, etc.

Image 1

Text 2

Page creation- main

After finishing editing the pages of your website, you just need to add some advanced settings. These can be done in the fourth step. You have the possibility to add Google tracking codes services and custom codes, create an Enter page for your website, define your blog’s general settings and post published there; set the method for handling data submitted on the web, enable the privacy and security settings and HTML code protection; create an advertising message for your website; define and set options for RSS feeds and posts; configure the access policy for entering the website; enable display of the website on the different devices, for example, Apple and Android devices (you can download special applications from App Store and Google Play) and edit your shopping cart details (for example, product list, order management, customer details, sending orders, and some different options, i.e. currency, price format, VAT settings, and so on).

Advanced Settings-Main

Now the creation of your website is completed. In the fifth step you can analyze and optimize it by searching and removing any errors in the contents.

After checking your website’s contents, the program will give you a detailed report about website optimization level in percentage and the size of your project and website, the number of total pages and products on the one hand and display a list of all found errors and alerts on the other hand. You have the possibility to view errors and alert details and go to the page and correct it.

After correcting all errors, you can export your project. Website X5 Pro 12 offers three different ways for publishing it; you can upload the created website online using FTP, SFTP or FTPS servers, export it to the disk or save on the computer.


Analyze and Export

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

1 GB of RAM

About 600 MB of free hard disk space for the program installation


We always wanted to create a website but, unfortunately you did not know how to do it. Now you can put away all doubts because you have got Website X5 Pro 12.

Website X5 Pro 12 offers a lot of advanced possibilities for easy creation of any kind of websites. It is fully suitable both for unexperienced users and web professionals. Thanks to the intuitive and easy to use interface and step by step instructions, you do not need to know any professional programming skills; just follow the instructions and the program will do the rest.

No third-party applications are required; everything what is needed for the website creation, you will find in the program- a lot of templates, tools for customizing templates, advanced page creation possibilities, inbuilt graphic and text editor, and a lot of others.

Website X5 Pro 12 is a program for them who want to create websites without any difficulty on the one hand and have the satisfaction of website creating process.

Website X5 Professional Review and Giveaway (3 x Pro Licenses)


1. Advanced tools both for unexperienced users and professionals
2. Creation of any website in just five easy steps
3. A lot of different templates to use
And plenty of others



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