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Up to 40% OFF Website X5 Professional 2019 Discount Coupon

Up to 40% OFF Website X5 Professional 2019 Discount Coupon

by May 10, 2019

Website X5 Professional 2019 Coupon Code.

Building a website is no walk in the park. It requires a lot of research, brain storming, and of course, above all else, a great deal of effort. But there is one thing, which is much more important than the ones we mentioned above. Can you guess what it is?


Programming knowledge, of course. This is by far the biggest hindrance, to many a wannabe website owner. Let’s say you own a store, and want to market your business to the masses. The best way to do this is by hosting a website, and advertising your products on it. Not everyone has the knowledge needed to design a website, and this scares the potential website owner.

Is there any solution to this problem? Well, there are two options for this situation. The first one, is to hire a web designer, which as you may be aware is quite an expensive option. The second, is to use a software, which will let you build a website, without you having to write a single line of code.

This is possible, thanks to Incomedia’s brilliant, and easy to use, Website X5 13 Professional. Let us look over the details of the program, to see what makes it the best at what it does.

The first impression, is the best impression, and Website X5 Professional certainly impresses with its highly professional and beautifully designed interface. The GUI comprises of a hybrid dark and light theme, with the toolbar and sidebar being presented in a dark color, while the rest of the window is in a contrasting light color.

To begin with creating a website, you will need to hit the Start button in the top right corner. This allows you to create a new website (project) or edit an existing one. Make your choice, and Website X5 Professional, will load a bunch of options, which lets you build your website.


There are five sections of customization options: Settings, Template, Map, Pages, & Analyse and Export.

First up is Settings. This has two sub-sections, General and Advanced. The first one lets you name your website, configure the author name, website category, as well as the website address (URL), and a description for the website. You may also select the language, in which your website’s text content will be displayed in. You can also set an icon and an image for your website, to make it easy for your guests to identify it using their browser’s favicon display.

The Advanced Settings comprise of a plethora of tools, which let you add various features to your website. If you want to write articles for a reader base, you will want the Blog option as your primary feature. Click the add button, to bring up a text editor with a set of formatting options including font styling, paragraph editing, indenting, alignment, picture attachments, and more.


The Blog tab also allows you to manage your articles, select a layout for your posts, add a social sharing button bar (for Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc). You can also configure the sidebar of your website, which will allow your readers to jump to various posts or sections on your website, such as recent posts, categories, tags, etc, with ease.


Visitors to blogs like to leave comments, often appreciating the content they read, or sometimes criticism, or at times, questions about what they found confusing or in case of tutorials, help with some step they had an issue with. You can add a comment section to your blog using Website X5 Professional, with a few clicks of the mouse. This allows you to pick one of three available comment systems: Website X5, Facebook or Disqus.

The RSS Feed options lets you set up an XML feed, to which your readers can subscribe to be notified about new articles. Similarly, you can use the “Mobile App” section, to make your website compatible with the FeedReady App (a free RSS reader app from Incomedia, for Android and iOS devices). This app can send push notifications to the reader’s device, the instant you publish a new blog post.

If you want to sell products on your website, a must have feature on your website, is a Shopping Cart. That is what lets your customers add products to a virual cart and pay for them and Website X5 Professional’s Shopping Cart lets you add one with an incredibly easy process.


You can add a list of products or categories complete with a description, configure the price, VAT percentage, images, discounts, availability information, and also the shipping choices and the payment types. The program lets you pick from a list of information, which the customers have to fill up, for placing the order. Once a customer buys something, he/she would like to have it verified by a confirmation email sent to his/her inbox. Website X5 offers you an option to configure this as well as another setting, which lets you set the currency options available on your online store.

Many a good website owner likes to analyze the performance of his website, using analytics services. For this purpose, you can use Website X5’s built-in Statistics, SEO and CODE section for better improving your search engine traffic as well as to monitor how your site is faring currently.

Protecting the privacy of your visitors, is not merely an obligation, but is also a responsibility, à la good internet etiquette. And you should display a privacy policy on your website declaring how the visitor’s browser cookies are used. This can be displayed with Website X5’s Privacy and Security section, which also helps you prevent spam on your website, by including a captcha system, and a HTML Code blocker which can prevent right-clicks.

If your website caters to users around the World, you may want to offering the content in their regional language, and for this you will want to set up an Entry Page, from the Advanced settings in the program. It can also be used for displaying some information before redirecting the user to the homepage.

Or you can use the “Advertising Message” option, to put an animation, or a banner or a static picture, on your website, to promote some sale, or to convey some important information to the visitor.

The Data Management section allows you to manage the databases which you have linked to your website. The Access Management tab lets you grant restricted acccess, to different levels of users (admins/users, etc). Managing a webiste over the browser can be hectic, and especially so, when you are away from your computer. Fortunately Website X5 Professional, lets you do so with mobile apps available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Your website’s success depends on one primary criteria, its looks. You don’t need a graphics designer to help you put up a cool looking website. Website X5 Professional comes with thousands of templates to choose from, which are highly configurable. Once you login to your account, you can download these templates for free. The program lets you preview changes you make, so you can edit it to your heart’s content, and see how it looks with every change. If you are not a fan of the built-in template library, you can even add a custom library of templates too. If you are tech savvy or should I say graphic-designing savvy, you may like to create a new web template from scratch, to have your own unique looking website.

The customization tab, houses options to select the resolutions which your website will support. Selecting a responsive design, will let the site scale down to fit the screens of whatever device the visitor is viewing it from, be it a mobile or tablet, or a computer.

You can modify the template structure, customize the Header and Content, Main Menu, Drop Down Menu, Page Menu, the font styling of your website, add showbox, tooltip and email boxes, and the page scroll options, from the Template customization tab.

Map, Pages, Analyse and Export:

The Map section, lets you view and manage pages and levels on your website, using the Sitemap option. This is where you will manage the sub-sections of your website (for eg: Homepage shortcuts for Blog, Forum, Store, etc).

The Pages tab of Website X5 Professional, lets you add various objects like tables, galleries, guestbook, email forms, social elements, etc to your website. The Analyse and Export section, lets you analyse your website for search engine compatibility, and optimize it so the pages are SEO friendly. The tab also has an option to publish your website online, so people can view it.


Should you want to, you can save your website to a folder on your hard drive, or a CD, DVD, USB drive, or as a HTML code. You can also use the program to save the entire Project File, in case you want a local backup.

Website X5 13 Professional, with its user friendliness, innovative design, the richness when it comes to features, delivers a fantastic experience.

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