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Website X5 Review

Website X5 Review

by September 28, 2015

Website X5 Professional 12 Review. Website X5 Evolution 12 Review.

Have you ever wanted to create your own site but don’t have time to learn HTML coding, Website X5 gives you the tools to create the website you need in a professional look. Website X5 gives you a choice of 5 version to choose from depending on the type of website you are creating.

Website X5 provides you with a Free version for your basic needs, Home version adds menu generator to give your site a better feel, and Compact adds a way to have a blog within the site and be able to add easy photo gallery and YouTube videos. With these three versions you’ll still have to provide your own hosting to host the website you have created.


With Website X5 Evolution provides you with all the features of compact plus adds guestbook and RSS feeds, this will give you more in touch with customers that visit your site and keep them and you updated.

With Evolution you also get to sell online with the e-commerce which lets you add your product catalog with ease. To help promote the e-commerce, Evolution also includes more multimedia objects that would help you add social media icons, email forms, photos, videos, etc. plus a more variety of fonts to choose from.

Website X5 Professional 11 goes beyond Evolution with a more content to be added to your site and be able to have a mobile app that you can provide to your customers and app updates when you update your website. Both Evolution and Professional provides you with a 12 month hosting which lets you manage your site as well with unlimited web space to store your site into.


When you start to create your website your main step would be to select an existing project or create a new one. While going through the steps on your left you are able to keep track on what sections you have covered and see what’s next.

On top of each step it’ll give you hints of what to do when you are on that section, which comes in handy if you are one of the ones that like to use anything without viewing any instructions. So from the view on how this goes, this really seems to be something great for those that just want to create their website without much of a learning curve.


In the 1st step you given the options to set up your site title, enter the creator, site address, description, icon and language of site. This would be the main settings for site before getting into your main site settings. So this lets you personalize what information your site would mention when someone checks out your site.



The next step is to select your template, use an existing template, or create a new template. With the selection of the template you can take a look on how your site looks, change the logo. It comes with enough settings to customize your site to fit your needs. When given the choice you can add your logo and edit the logo as well.

It comes with plenty of templates that you really have so much too choose from which might take you more time here than creating your site as you might like more than one. Website X5 does give you a way to shorten the choice in forms of categories which could range from health, business, food and catering, etc.

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.02.26_09h27m04s_002_Review Test Project - Incomedia WebSite X5 Professional Demo 11

If you select the default template you’ll be able to select from a large variety of templates. You can select from various categories and select where you might like the menu system from horizontal or vertical menu systems. After you select the Template you like from the vast selection you are able to still customize the style before you continue to the next step.



This editing menu appears even if you selected a template, uploaded yours or just created one. At first it does seem like the editing system doesn’t look complete but when you get into each of the icons you see at this step you will be given a chance to make sure that each is customized the way you want.

Kind of convenient as you are able to make it look the way you want without a need of knowing how to do it. This way you see what you edit like when editing the menu system  and drop-down menu system itis quite easy that you are able to make it look the way you want, with several ways to format the menu system and drop-down menu with an easy to custom settings. You can have a menu customized in bevel and customize how the light shows through.


If you selected a new template or continuing from the default template, you are able to customize the template style from structure, text style, menu system, how drop down menu works if mouse over or shown always, and how information pops up and email format. Each of these sections gives you several options to edit so you can make sure that your site would look and perform the way you desire.


The second step would give you the options of how the site would be and which page is next. This would let you make sure that the page goes correct and each menu system shows the correct information on your site.

This might be an important step for you as this might be considered on what page you will have and were it will show on the menu system you have selected and created in the past settings. You can have several main pages and several pages that could link to the main as well which would go to your drop down menu system that you set up in the earlier options.


The third step would be creating your page, it starts you with 4 sections but you can add more columns and rows. You can also add objects which consist of text section, email, guestbook, social network icons, dynamic content, product catalog, etc. They Website X5 also provides you option to add your own HTML code.

You can double click on each module that you added to be able to add or edit the information that you want to show up on each section, this would let you confirm what items you want. As example if you would have several pages showing different products that you are selling, this would let you confirm what products and categories to show on the page you select.



Section 4 will give you the advanced settings, this would provide you the options to finish the last touches on your site. Most of what Evolution and Professional settings would be at this section which gives you an advertising message section, blog which is provided in Compact and up, and RSS Feed.

For Professional version you have the App Mobile which provides you the settings to be able to have the mobile version synced with your website feed which would work for both Apple and Android Devices. Having a mobile App and Website X5 providing you the option to have one is a great advantage for your site as would keep everything up to date and no need to know how to create an app where Website X5 Professional provides all the tools you need for the App.


In the same section, you have your options for user access management where you can manage the users that signs up or your admins and moderators that are helping out on keeping site up to date. If you have Evolution and Professional shopping cart settings is also available in the settings which lets you input your products, price, quantity, availability, and discounts.

Having an easy way to access the settings for this in a particular place comes handy without the need to find and edit the whole site again. You can specify how the products appear so if in case there’s new items you add it would show up were you want it to.


The last section helps you analyze and optimize the website to work well with any browser that is opened so that there is no error or problems. From there you can upload the website directly through FTP, you can export site to disk, or export project so you can transfer to a different computer.


Before you upload your website you can preview your site to make sure that your site is up and running the way you want. This lets you view the website before you upload it and also you can make sure that they work all browsers and see where you might need to work on before you put your site on-line.

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.02.26_09h41m15s_013_Test BLog - Review Test Project - DEMO

Website X5 provides you the tools to create your website without the need to know much or any HTML coding. This program has given thought and made it to were anyone that does not have the necessary skills or don’t have to much time to mess around with HTML coding to be able to create a website with ease.

Plus if you get the professional version creating a Android or iPhone app comes easier as well which this would let you make sure those that visit keep on coming back and refering friends. If you have everything ready to create a website with name, logo, information to be inserted to site, etc. a website could be created in an hour and if you take a bit more you can really make a site look that you manually created it and wasn’t created from a program that you used.

Website X5 would be great for anyone even if you know how to use create a site by only HTML, this makes it easy for you to have and just start a site without having to take too much time to do it and have it done in time when you need it.

“Minimum requirements:

  • Windows™ XP (SP3), Vista, 7, 8
  • RAM 1GB
  • Screen resolution at 1024×768

Online publication requirements:

  • Windows™, Linux or Unix Server
  • PHP 5.x, MySQL (only for certain advanced features)

Note: You will need an Internet connection and e-mail account for product activation.”

Find more information about WebSite X5 here:


Easy to create
Lots of Templates to Choose From
Professional Adds Mobile Apps
No need to know HTML to create a website


You might need to find the FTP Options on your Hosting if you are new to this.

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Great for everyone to use even if you know HTML. It gives you an easy way to maintain and create your website without much coding. Website X5 does it for you.

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