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WhySoSlow shows you why your computer is running slow

WhySoSlow shows you why your computer is running slow

by AshwinDecember 26, 2015

Is your computer running slow? Ever wondered why that happens?

It could be your Antivirus, or background apps, eating up the RAM.

But to be sure, you can use an app like WhySoSlow, which I came across at gHacks. This app lets you analyze the performance of your computer. The app is made by Resplendence Software, the developers behind the popular app, WhoCrashed.

The app is incredibly useful, and though the UI is simplistic, yet it is very informative. The interface is split into five tabs: Status, Hotkeys (shortcuts for some app functions), Alarms (triggers for monitors in the Status panel) , Tools (extra options) and an About tab (displays the app’s version information).

The Status Panel is the one you will find the most helpful as it monitors and displays the CPU Speed, CPU Temperature, CPU Load, Kernel Responsiveness, App Responsiveness, Memory Load, and Hard pagefaults of the PC.

All of the above modules display the current, minimum, maximum, amd average values, along with a visual toolbar indicator as well

The CPU Speed shows how fast your processors cores are running, while the CPU Temperature, as the name implies shows how warm your processor is running your the current set of applications. The CPU Load shows how much processing power is used by the apps. The other three tabs are related to Memory (RAM).

When you see a check mark next to each of WhySoSlow’s modules, it means your PC is fine. It is when you see an excalamation mark, that you should consider analyzing your computer’s performance.

WhySoSlow’s analysis is actually a tad slow, perhaps due to a bug, or maybe due to the amount of data it has to process. Oh and there are quite a bit of missing information in the app, as in the report is not fully complete, there is no help documentation, and some of the alarm actions aren’t available.

Download WhySoSlow (beta version) from the developer’s website. The app is merely a 2MB download.

The current version of the app is set to auto-expire on Jaunary 21, 2016, meaning it will no longer run. To overcome this, you will be asked to download a newer version. This actually is a sensible move, as older versions may have ground breaking bugs, while new versions could offer better performance and/or more features. Even Microsoft does something similar with Windows 10 Preview Builds.

The version we tested was WhySoSlow 0.95, build 095.31222.