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Winamp could be resurrected by Radionomy’s new major stakeholder Vivendi

Winamp could be resurrected by Radionomy’s new major stakeholder Vivendi

by AshwinDecember 21, 2015

Winamp, is a name not soon to be forgotten, and probably will not.


Once, the most popular audio player for PCs, it still continues to have a large userbase.

If you are wondering what the melancholy is about, it is because every Winamp user, would be sad, when thinking about what happened last year. Popular American company, AOL, after plans of killing the app, instead sold the rights of Winamp (alongwith ShoutCAST) to Radionomy, a Belgian company, known for its Online Radio service.

A redisgned homepage with the words “coming soon” did have the apps users rejoicing for a while, but Radionomy has not in the least helped keep WinAmp alive, in the 1 and half years it has seen it under its wing.

There has been literally zero development in the app, which was last updated way back in 2013.There was a modified version being worked upon by a group of developers at the winamp forums, but it hasn’t seen an end result yet.

Not that there is anything wrong with the existing app per se, just that the lack of new features or bug fixes has made Winamp lose a chunk of its userbase.

But things could be changing. Softpedia reports that the major portion of Radionomy has been acquired by Vivendi, a company behind the video streaming service, Dailymotion,  and a stake holder in Ubisoft (the game developer studio), and Deezer (a music streaming service) .

This is what the press release says:

Vivendi announced today that it acquired 64.4% of the share capital of Radionomy Group.

Though it does mention Winamp and ShoutCAST in the announcement, although there is no word about reviving the popular music app.

So what does this mean?

Winamp could be revived by Vivendi. Radionomy may not have had the resources to develop the app, after all it is focused on offering online radio services. But the company’s new owners are known to offer financial backing to make successful ventures (read Activision Studios). This could be focused on the Winamp revival project, which we mentioned above.

If you want to feel a bit nostalgic, go ahead and give Winamp a try. The last version of the app, Winamp 5.666 is still available for download from some mirrors you can find at the official forums. Users looking for the good old experience can search for Winamp 2.95, the classic version which was the king of audio apps, before the AOL-era.