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Windows 10 adoption rate in Korea is five times faster than that of Windows 8

Windows 10 adoption rate in Korea is five times faster than that of Windows 8

by AshwinOctober 14, 2015

Forget China’s Windows 10 usage stats, one of its neighbours is stealing its thunder.

Windows 10 Korea

We are talking about Korea here, and the popularity of Microsoft’s latest operating system in the Asian Country.

According to Microsoft’s latest report, there are over over 22,000 different types of devices which run on Windows 10. Twenty two thousand different kinds of devices? Wow, and I thought Android was fragmented.

But Microsoft could probably be referring to custom built PCs, which are more popular here in Asia, because they are an economical choice than the branded ones. And most custom built PCs,have a different and unique hardware configuration, which could be the logic behind the huge sum Microsoft touted proudly. But usually such PCs do not come with an OS, so users will need to buy a licensed copy of Windows to install and use on the PC. This seems unlikely, but then again Korea is home to many an electronics giant, so there is the chance that  there could be tons of brands of PCs available there for cheap prices.

Another surprise here, is the fact that Windows 10 continues to see a surge in its usage, despite a slowdown in the sales of PCs. Ironically, several OEMs blame the Redmond company’s policy of offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade for Windows 7,8/8.1 users, as the reason behind the drop in sales of new computers.

The Redmond Company states that Koreans have spent over 1 billion hours spent on Windows 10, since July 29th, when the operating system was launched. The news comes from an event held by electronics giant, LG, which launched a few Windows 10 devices. Terry Myerson, the second-in-command of Windows, wrote a blog post regarding this. Koreans are reportedly adopting Windows 10, faster than they took to Windows 8 (and possibly 8.1). In fact, the adoption rate of Windows 10 is five times that of Windows 8.

The exact number of Windows 10 users in Korea wasn’t revealed in the announcement, but consider the following scenario.

Assuming that each model of those 22,000 unique devices have at least a 100 users each, that sums up to an impressive 2.2 Million users, who use Windows 10 in the Country. That number is highly likely to be much more higher than our quoted example, and is only likely to increase in the future.

Korea, along with China, could play an important role, in the mission to help Microsoft realize its target of 1 Billion devices running on Windows 10, by the end of the year 2017. The last announced general Windows 10 usage statistics revealed that the operating system, now boasts 110 Million users.