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Windows 10 branches have been postponed for now, says a Microsoft employee

Windows 10 branches have been postponed for now, says a Microsoft employee

by AshwinAugust 17, 2015

Windows 10’s update system is very different to those of its predecessors.


For instance Windows 10 Home Edition users, cannot postpone or disable updates at all.

This is due to the fact that Microsoft wants regular users to be patched up to the latest Windows Updates, to ensure that the operating system is stable, and more importantly, it wants to help keep the users’ system secure. The Redmond Company terms this as the Current Branch, an update channel available to Home users, and also happens to be the only one available for them.

However, Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users will be getting updates from the Current Branch for Business, allowing users to postpone updates for a certain time. The latter also has exclusive access to the Long Term Servicing Branch, which allows them to postpone updates to a longer period. We have covered this extensively in oir article about Windows as a service.

Computer World notes that there are in fact 2 sub divisions for each branch. They are called rings (not to be confused woth Fast/Slow Ring of the Windows Insider Program), and one of those will allow users to get Windows Updates early, while the other will allow users to postpone updates for a time ranging supposedly from days to weeks or even a year.

That being said, you may have observed that Microsoft has been releasing a barrage of Windows 10 Updates recently. Some of those updates have been buggy, and have caused issues from failed installs, to an infinite bootloop. While Windows 10 itself has been praised by users, the updates for the operating system have been blasted, considering users cannot disable them, despite the availability of a tool from Microsoft, designed for that very purpose.

If you think that’s because of the update channels, i.e., branches mentioned above, allow me to say “nay”. According to Wes Miller, Directions at Microsoft, the company has not yet implemented the branches for Windows Updates. Those branches will only be enabled later this year. Here is what he said:

“We’re not going to see anything concrete until we see Windows 10 Mobile. We only have one part of the family at this point.”

Miller thinks that the branches will only be available, once Windows 10 Mobile hits production quality. This is expected to arrive sometime,e in the next few months. Once it is released, users will be serviced by the respective branch, according to the Edition of Windows 10, they have.