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Windows 10 Build 10122 – Photo Gallery (Screenshots and GIF images)

Windows 10 Build 10122 – Photo Gallery (Screenshots and GIF images)

by AshwinMay 22, 2015

Yesterday, we reported about Microsoft’s latest version of its Operating System.


Windows 10 Build 10122 is being rolled out to the Fast Ring of the Windows Insider Program.

You can read about the full changes of the new version of the OS, from our previous coverage.

Windows 10 Build 10122 – Photo Gallery (Screenshots and GIF images):

Today, we bring you screenshots of the changes in the new build of Windows 10. Let us begin with Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan).

New Tab Page in Microsoft Edge:

This is the new tab page in Project Spartan. As you can see, it offers links to popular websites, news content from MSN and featured apps.


You can change the contents of the New Tab, from the browser’s settings, as shown below.


There aren’t very many options at the moment though.

InPrivate Browsing in Microsoft Edge:

You can open an InPrivate Browsing Window, in Microsoft Edge, by clicking on the three dot menu, and selecting the InPrivate Windows option.


Doing so will open a new Window with a InPrivate icon (shield icon). The browsing session in this mode, will not be saved.

Pin Websites to the Start Menu using Microsoft Edge:

Visit any website you want to pin to the Start Menu, and click on the three dot menu in Edge, and select Pin to Start.


This will add a new tile to the Start Menu, which will act as a shortcut to the website. You can unpin it directly from the Start Menu.

History in Microsoft Edge:

The browser now supports viewing and removing your browsing history. To do so, click on the Hub icon (with the folder and star), and click on the clock icon (with the arrow). This is the history screen.


You can view your history in a timeline (hour, date), and also remove individual websites from the history as shown in the GIF image below.

Animated icon for Reading View:

The Reading View icon, which looks like a book, is now animated. When you load a webpage, the book icon’s pages flap as seen below.


Audio icon in Tabs:

If you have multiple tabs open in Microsoft Edge, and one of them is playing a video/audio, you can quickly spot it, thanks to the new audio icon. You will find the icon placed in the tab itself.


Windows 10 Build 10122 Default Apps:

Apps can no longer change the default app to open a file. You will have to manually change the default app by navigating to Settings > System > Default Apps.


You can also change them from Windows Explorer, when you right click on a file and choose a default app to open them with.


Start Menu in Windows 10 Build 10122:

The Start Menu has received a small makeover. The shortcuts for Windows Explorer and Settings have been moved to the bottom left of the Start Menu, and just above the Power button.


The Full-screen option for the Start Menu has been removed from the menu. You will now find it as a toggle, under the Settings> Personalization tab.


As you can see, from the screenshot below, the tiles are now much bigger.


Hope you find these pictures useful.