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Windows 10 Build 10130 Known Issues: Mail App, Taskbar Flyouts, Wi-Fi, Start Menu

Windows 10 Build 10130 Known Issues: Mail App, Taskbar Flyouts, Wi-Fi, Start Menu

by AshwinMay 30, 2015

Here is a list of the Windows 10 Build 10130 Known Issues.


Before you decide to update to the latest iteration of Windows 10, it is advisable to read about the bugs in it.

Windows Build 10130 Known Issues:

Mail App crashes and sync issues:

The Mail App in Build 10130 might crash due to memory related errors. This will also prevent the Mail app from syncing mail in the background. Microsoft says this issue will be fixed in a future Windows Update.

Taskbar Flyouts don’t work in Build 10130:

Pop-up UIs which are called Flyouts from the Taskbar including the Start Menu, the Cortana App, Network, Battery and Action Center will soemtimes fail to fly out in Build 10130, i.e they won’t open. Microsoft reveals that this is a temporary issue. As a workaround, users can try to open them a few times, and the flyouts will work eventually. The Redmond company says that this issue will also be fixed in a update through Windows Update.

Wi-Fi fails to connect:

Wi-Fi connectivity is reported to fail sometimes in Build 10130. The only workaround for this issue is to reboot the computer.

This is the one issue which could annoy users the most, but There is no word if Microsoft will fix this in an update.

Missing Icons in the Start Menu:

Additionally, Windows 10 Build 10130, also has one more minor issue, which affects the Start Menu. The File Explorer and Settings App in the Start Menu disappear, when a user upgrades from Build 10122 to Build 10130. To fix this, Microsoft offers a simple work around. Just sign out and sign in again. This should bring the icons back.

Windows 10 Build 10130 for Slow Ring users:

Earlier today we reported about the new features in Windows 10 Build 10130. The new build is currently only available to the Fast Ring users of the Windows Insider Program. The previous build, 10122, had a critical bug which affected upgrades from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, so it never made it to the Slow Ring.

But the new build of Windows 10 could be available for all users. Microsoft says it could release Build 10130, to the Slow Ring and also release ISOs for the same, if it appears to be stable in the Fast Ring.

It is unclear when the bug fixing updates for the known issues of Build 10130 would be released, as Microsoft has not given an ETA for the updates. It will probably do so after gathering feedback from users. It is possible that Microsoft will only release the bug fixes first, and then roll out Build 10130 to the Slow Ring.

Microsoft is working to fix bugs to ensure that Windows 10 hits RTM in July, and be released to all users sometime in late July or August.