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Windows 10 Build 10130 will be released to the Slow Ring of Insiders

Windows 10 Build 10130 will be released to the Slow Ring of Insiders

by AshwinJune 4, 2015

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul confirmed today, that Windows 10 Build 10130 will be released to the Slow Ring of the Insiders Program.


The Build was originally expected to roll out to both rings, but the Redmond company withheld from rolling it to the Slow Ring for some unknown reason, and Microsoft released Build 10130 on May 30, exclusively to the Fast Ring users.

Gabe Aul revealed on Twitter, that Build 10130 would be released to the Slow Ring, if Microsoft fixes one “remaining issue”.  What the issue is, still remains a mystery.

The previous build released to the Fast Ring, Build 10122 had a major bug, when upgrading to Windows 10 Build 10130, from Windows 7 or 8.x. It apparently resulted in an issue related to Start. It is unclear if this is the reason why Build 10130 wasn’t rolled out to the Slow Ring.

Microsoft did reveal that there were several known issues in Build 10130

  • Crashes and synchronization issues in the Mail App
  • Taskbar Flyouts don’t work
  • WiFi Connectivity Issues
  • Missing shortcuts for the Settings App and File Explore in the Start Menu

However all of these issues are minor ones, and a couple of them have workarounds too. So, obviously these trivial issues cannot be the reason why the build wasn’t pushed to the Slow Ring.

New features in Build 10130 include:

  • Customization options for the Start Menu
  • New icons for File Explorer, Drives
  • A new UI for Taskbar Jump Lists (right click menu)
  • Microsoft Edge – Pin Panes, and more

The last build released to the Slow Ring of insiders, is Build 10074, which was released way back in April.

We have no information on when Microsoft will release Windows Build 10130 to the Slow Ring. Aul’s tweet about “1 issue” suggests it could be released very soon, hopefully in the next few days.

If it manages to fix the bug and pushes the build to the slow ring, Microsoft will also release an ISO for Build 10130. ISOs are normally released only when a build is available to the Slow Ring. This is done to prevent major issues while new users upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.x

It is also possible that the Redmond company could even release a new build for the Fast Ring too. Earlier today, we reported about Windows 10 Build 10136, which had some new icons for the File Explorer and the Arrow in the System Tray.

What we know for sure is that there will be at least one Preview Build for the Slow Ring, before the final release of Windows 10 on July 29th.