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Windows 10 Build 10136 screenshots posted by Microsoft employee

Windows 10 Build 10136 screenshots posted by Microsoft employee

by AshwinJune 4, 2015

Windows 10 Build 10136 screenshots posted by Microsoft’s Gabe Aul.


The head of the Windows Insider Program, showed off the images of the unreleased build on Twitter.

The first thing you will notice is the warning note watermarked on the bottom right of the screenshot. It says “Microsoft Confidential”, and includes a warning note about its use and disclosure. It is clear from this message, that the Build is not a Preview Build, but an internal one being tested by Microsoft’s employees.

Just below the warning note watermark, you can see the official details of the Build. It reads “Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Evaluation Copy Build 10136”. It is followed by the word “fbl” and some alphanumerical code numbers. The word “fbl” suggests that it is a Fast Build, and could be released to the Fast Ring of the Windows Insider Program.

Office 95 will run in Windows 10:

Gabe Aul‘s intent was originally to show a user that Office 95 will run in Windows 10. You can see that in the screen shot above, the second Word (Desktop) option, with the W in italics, is part of Office 95.

The screenshot embedded below, shows Word from Office 95 running in Windows 10 Build 10136.


No Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 Build 10136:

A look at the taskbar will tell you that Microsoft Edge is still Project Spartan in Windows 10 Build 10136. You can see the Globe icon of Project Spartan sitting between the Skype icon and the Internet Explorer icon. We won’t have to wait long for Microsoft Edge to make its debut. Windows 10 is launching on July 29th. I think its safe to say that Microsoft Edge will make its official debut in the final release of Windows 10, and also bring the much awaited feature: support for extensions in Microsoft Edge.

Windows 10 Build 10136 also has some new icons:

Neowin points out that the File Explorer icon has been changed in Build 10136. If you compare it to the one in Windows 10 Build 10130, you will see that the File Explorer in Build 10136 has one tab, while the File Explorer in Build 10130 has 3 tabs and looks zig-zaggy. The new icon looks better.

New Icon

Windows-10-Build-10136-File Explorer

Old Icon

Windows-10-Build-10130-File Explorer

Take a look at the system tray in the screenshot from Build 10136, the arrow icon to expand the notifications, is different than the one in Build 10130 (shown below). The new thinner arrow icon matches the rest of the taskbar icons.


These are just minor changes, and it is understandable, as Microsoft is currently working to fix bugs to ensure that it meets the July 29th deadline for the launch of Windows 10.

We are not sure when Microsoft will rollout Windows 10 Build 10136 to the Insider Program, or if it will roll out at all. The current Build available to insiders is Windows 10 Build 10130.