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Windows 10 Build 10159 released just a day after Build 10158, brings the official Wallpaper and a new Login screen

Windows 10 Build 10159 released just a day after Build 10158, brings the official Wallpaper and a new Login screen

by AshwinJuly 1, 2015

Microsoft has released a second build of Windows 10 in two days.


Windows 10 Build 10159 is now available for members of the fast ring of the Insider Program.

Many users were surprised to see Build 10159 released, just a day after Build 10158 was released. And Microsoft’s reason to release the update so quickly, is a bit absurd. The company revealed that it released the build so quickly because it wanted users to “see one change”.

But is there more to it than meets the eye?

It was just yesterday, that Microsoft had proudly and boldly claimed that Build 10158, had no significant known issues. Yet, the Company now says that Build 10159 fixes over 300 bugs present in the previous build. That is an incredible number of bugs.

So, what’s new in Build 10159?

The new build actually has two changes and both of them are cosmetic changes. Remember the new Wallpaper of Windows 10, which we reported about? The brand new wallpaper is here in Build 10159. It was originally expected to be made available only when Windows 10 launches on July 29th, but Microsoft sure likes to surprise its users.

However, that isn’t the change Microsoft was talking about. The other change is that Build 10159 comes with a brand new Login screen. This enables the¬†Login screen to displays the Wallpaper on your desktop.

(Refer to the first image featured in this article. Courtesy: George King and Microsoft News)

Microsoft also says that users who are downloading Windows 10 Build 10158, when 10159 is made available, will run in to an error 0x80246017. To fix this issue, all you have to do is simply reboot the computer, and run the Windows Update check again from the Settings app.  This should make Build 10159 available for you.

The bad news is, Microsoft does not release an ISO for builds released to the Fast Ring. So you won’t find any official ISO for Build 10158 or 10159. You can only upgrade to it from a previous build.

If you haven’t done so already, you can read our article about what’s new Microsoft Edge in Build 10159. It is the same as in Build 10158, and now includes a Home Button, allows you to Import Favortites from other browsers, change your Search Engine, and also includes a Dark Theme.

Personally I do not like downloading two builds in two days, especially considering that a preview build is basically the same size of an ISO, which makes it over 3GB for 64-bit computers. Microsoft should instead release one new build every two weeks, and instead patch the OS with incremental updates.