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Windows 10 Build 10162 is now available for the Slow Ring of Insiders

Windows 10 Build 10162 is now available for the Slow Ring of Insiders

by AshwinJuly 7, 2015

Last week, Microsoft released not one, but 3 builds of Windows 10.


The first build was Build 10158, which was followed by 10159, which was release barely 24 hours after its predecessor.

Windows 10158 brought quite a few changes. Here is a brief description of the changes, for the full list read my previous write up (linked above).

Microsoft Edge now has a dark theme, a home button, ability to import favorites from other browsers, new tab page customization, support for password and form-fill, background audio playback. You can also drag and drop tabs to new windows. Read more about the new Edge browser and view screenshots of it from my previous write up.

The Tablet Mode, Continuum, and the personal digital assistant, Cortana, have been improved. The Photos app now plays GIFs, while the Snipping Tool gets a timed capture function.

Taskbar app icons now flash in orange colour, when the app needs your attention. Moving files through the File Explorer and downloading files will now display a green horizontal progress bar in the app’s icon.

The only major changes between the two builds, were that 10159 brought the official Windows 10 wallpaper to PCs, and also changed the logon screen of the operating system. Microsoft also announced that the new build fixes over 300 bugs present in Build 10158, but did not detail on the fixes.

A few days later, Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 10162 to the Fast Ring. It brings minor changes in the form on new app icons in Control Panel, Start Menu and more. But Microsoft revealed that the build is more stable, and has better battery life than other preview builds.

Microsoft released the ISO for Windows 10 Build 10162 on last Friday, so Fast Ring users can upgrade to the new build without any issues.The company also revealed that it is considering to release the build for the Slow Ring soon.

And today, Microsoft’s Gabe Aul announced that the Redmond Company is rolling out Windows 10 Build 10162 to the Slow Ring users of the Windows Insider Program. So, users can just download the ISO of the same and upgrade to the newest build.

Microsoft had revealed that it is releasing new preview builds faster, as its internal rings have a lot of new builds in its hands, and that all of them are passing the criteria to be released for the Windows Insiders. Hence, the Redmond Company released three new builds last week, and is expected to release builds faster.

It is clear that Microsoft is preparing for the release of Windows 10, which is scheduled to be launched on July 29th.