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Windows 10 Build 10166 released to the Fast Ring of Insiders

Windows 10 Build 10166 released to the Fast Ring of Insiders

by AshwinJuly 10, 2015

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 Build 10166 has been released to the Fast Ring of Insiders.



It was widely rumored that the Redmond Company would finalize Windows 10 this week, and that it should hit RTM soon.

Microsoft had released three builds over a span of 5 days last week in what it termed “Faster Fast Ring”. That doesn’t seem to be the case as, Build 10166 is the first new build this week. And the company does not release any new build over the weekend.

Since the new build is just four versions newer than last week’s build 10162, we can assume that the changes aren’t very many. Disappointingly enough, Microsoft has not detailed on the changes the new build brings.

Microsoft’s announcement says, that Build 10166 is all about “bug fixing and fit-and-finish”. That is not very surprising. We have already reported that the Company is making all of its internal teams working on fixing bugs, to ensure that the final build of Windows 10 is released on July 29th.

There is one new feature that Build 10166 brings. But that isn’t available to everyone either. People living in Seattle, however may rejoice. The Redmond Company has announce that the Microsoft Wi-Fi app, now allows people to buy subscriptions for a wireless connection. So, you can buy the paid Wi-fi services using this app.

Click on the System Tray’s Network icon, and you will see a list of available connections. If you see an option which says “Buy Wi-Fi from Windows Store”, you will be able to subscribe to it. Clicking on it will open the Microsoft Wi-Fi App, which supports various payment options: Credit Card, Debit Card, Microsoft Gift Card and PayPal. The app uses the Windows Store’s payment system, so the purchase is done securely.

Microsoft will roll out its Wi-Fi service to the rest of the U.S., soon.

That’s all there is to the list of changes which were officially announced. Build 10166 is not available to the Slow Ring yet, so the Redmond Company has not released ISOs for it just yet.

I have already come across a few reports which claim that Build 10166 has a few bugs. A quick search at the Windows Insider Forums reports that Cortana, Start and a few apps aren’t working well, and that WiFi and Sound issues have also been reported by the community.

Unless you live in Seattle, and want to buy a Wi-Fi connection from Microsoft,  I would advise waiting for a few days before upgrading to the new build, while the company irons out issues.