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Windows 10 Build 10240 Hands On: Performance Review

Windows 10 Build 10240 Hands On: Performance Review

by AshwinJuly 18, 2015

Today I am going to be reviewing the general performance of the latest build of Windows 10, (Build 10240)


I have been running Windows 10 as my primary operating system on my computer since Build 9926 was released in January.
And I have used every single build of Windows 10 that Microsoft released, ever since. The operating system has improved greatly overtime, especially in the recently builds. So, just how good is the Windows 10 Build 10240? Is Windows 10 ready for its public debut on July 29th ? Let me tell you how it performs on my laptop.


Well, honestly I have never experienced any major issues with the operating system. And this hasn’t changed with Build 10240. There are absolutely no app crashes either.

Battery Life:

The performance of the battery seems to be better in Build 10240 than previous builds, although it depends on basically how you use the device. I use mine for writing, browsing, and a bit of gaming everyday, which totals to around 12-15 hours of usage, and a full charge easily lasts over 4 to 4 and a half hours.


App Flyouts and Windows Store Apps work fine:

You may have read my write up about the various Fly Out issues in Build 10162. That included issues with the Start Menu, System Tray, Windows Store Apps (Microsoft Edge, Mail, etc), which refused to open. Though Microsoft had previously stated that these issues had been foxed in a prior build, the problems returned to haunt Build 10162. And I found that this only happened when I had Mozilla Firefox opened, and the apps worked when I closed the bloated browser.


However, in Build 10240, I am able to multitask with Firefox + Edge + Store Apps without issues. The above screenshot shows Firefox, Edge, Windows Store, Settings App snapped to the four corners, while I also have Notepad, Notepad++, Viber, BitDefender and Kingsoft Writer opened in the background.

Minor Annoyances:

Windows Update had some issues and kept checking for updates indefinitely, and I had to manually wipe the SoftwareDistribution folder to fix the issue.

Windows Store also had some issues installing updates, which were stuck, and I had to stop the installations, and re-download the apps.

Antivirus issues:

While these are not directly related to Windows 10, I feel it is necessary to report that upgrading from an old build to a new one, sometimes breaks the functionality of the antivirus application on the computer.

BitDefender stopped working after I updated to Build 10240. But I managed to fix it by simply running the built-in repair tool from the Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall. This isn’t the first time I have ran into an issue with a security product after upgrading from a Windows 10 Preview Build to a new one. Eset Smart Security 9 Beta also had some issues when I used it about a month ago.

Over all, I feel that Windows 10 is finally ready for its launch. Kudos to Microsoft.