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Windows 10 Build 10525 may be released to the Slow Ring, says Gabe Aul

Windows 10 Build 10525 may be released to the Slow Ring, says Gabe Aul

by AshwinAugust 26, 2015

Windows 10 Build 10525, was the first post RTM build, and was released to the Fast Ring of the Windows Insider Program, last week.


And it appears that it could also be the first build, which Slow Ring members may get too.

Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul revealed on twitter, that the Redmond Company is considering releasing it to the more cautious testers.

However, it is unclear when the Build will be released. Microsoft could release an ISO for Build 10525, just like it used to before the RTM release of Windows 10. The company had stopped publishing ISOs in the final stages of the operating system, but did promise that it would begin releasing ISOs in the future, and this looks all the more likely, with the Insider Program resuming its operations since a week ago.

Now that Windows 10 has been available for a month, there are chances that some of you may be considering to join the Windows Insider Program, to get new features before the general public.

Preview Builds are fascinating, I myself had been testing every single Build of Windpws 10, since Build 9926 was released in January 2015, up until the general availability of the operating system at the end of July. But it is not really meant for everyday use.

These are test builds, which are used for testing the operating system’s new features as well as any improvements/fixes to older versions. The third and primary purpose, however, is to provide feedback to Microsoft, to improve the features as well as to fix bugs. It is for this reason, that the Redmond Company initiated the Insider Program.

I am willing to test preview builds, which ring should I choose?

Again, this a matter of personal choice and the will to brace for incoming bugs. If you are willing to withstand any major bugs, go for the Fast Ring, but be wary, sometimes builds are released too quickly, and you may end up consuming a lot of data.  Windows 10 Build 10525, has been drawing flak for a bug,which causes Google Chrome to crash. So this should serve as an example of what you should be prepared for in Fast Ring Buils.


If you are on a limited data connection or prefer to avoid major bugs, the Slow Ring is your place.

People on the general availability build, which is the standard Windows 10, I think you are better off where you are. It has few to non bugs, and even if any are found,it is the channel which is likely to get a fix first.