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Windows 10 Build 10532 released to the fast ring of the Insider Program

Windows 10 Build 10532 released to the fast ring of the Insider Program

by AshwinAugust 28, 2015

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Build 10532 to the fast ring of the Insider Program.


This comes as a surprise, as the Redmond Company was expected to roll out Build 10525 to the Slow Ring, but now the chances of that happening are literally zero.

The only likely explanation for this, could be that Build 10525 has potentially ground breaking bugs, which affected even the Fast Ring members, hence it was succeeded by Build 10532.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in Build 10532:

There aren’t very many changes in Build 10532, it does pack in the usual bug fixes and improvements for issues found in its predecessor, Build 10525.

The latest version of Windows 10, has a couple of new features. The first one are the newer context menus, which you can see in the image featured above. In comparison, this is what the context menu in Build 10240 looks like:



The newer menu is a bit flatter, and sharper, and has newer 3D icons.

The other new feature, if you can call it that, is the ability to share your Windows Feedback on social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc, to help spread the word about your suggestion, and gain upvotes, which then grants it a better chance to be included in future builds.

Known Issues in Windows 10 Build 10532:

There are two known issues in the latest Preview Build. The issue with Google Chrome crashing on Windows 10, which was previously acknowledged by Google, is now flagged as a known issue by Microsoft. You can try these workarounds for it in the meantime.

The other issue is that the biometric security system in Windows 10, Windows Hello, doesn’t work well when you try logging on using face sign-on. The only way to around this issue is to log in using pin, password, or fingerprint.

No ISO available for Build 10532:

Obviously, there is no official ISO for Build 10532 yet, as it has not been released to the Slow Ring members of the Windows Insider Program.  And I do not recommend downloading the ISOs from file sharing websites, as they could have been tampered with, to include malware.

As you may already be aware, Windows 10 Build 10525 had some activation issues. This is because, newer preview builds require a PC which previously had Windows 10 10240 (the general availability build) installed and activated, for the preview build to be activated. That doesn’t mean you can’t clean install Windows 10, you can do so and the activation status should still be valid.

Users without a genuine license of Windows 10 can try a Preview Build for 30 days.

The first major update for Windows 10 general users, is scheduled to be released in October, and is called the Threshold 2 update.