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Windows 10 Build 10547 Bug Fixes – Full list of what has been fixed in the latest preview

Windows 10 Build 10547 Bug Fixes – Full list of what has been fixed in the latest preview

by AshwinSeptember 19, 2015

Earlier today, we reported that Windows 10 Build 10547 has been released to the Fast Ring of the Windows Insider Program.

Now let’s focus on what comes along with it, a change log for bug fixes.

Unlike Windows Updates, which rarely come with a change log, inspite of numerous complaints from users, Microsoft does provide in-depth release notes for Windows 10 Build Updates. Quite frankly, it is absolutely essential, as there could be potentially ground breaking bugs, in an app or a feature which a user relies upon.

There are six main bugs which the Redmond company has fixed in Build 10547. Let’s see what they are.

Fixes for Critical Error in Start Menu, Improvements to Search:

We have been hearing reports about this for a long time. Clicking on the Start Menu (or Cortana) sometimes throws up a critical error message. The official word is that this annoying bug, has finally been fixed in the latest preview build of Windows 10.

The Search function should also now work better, especially the one which is invoked from the Start Menu. I have noticed severe lags in search in the General build 10240.

Fix for Action Center Notifications:

Sometimes the Action Center would incorrectly light up its icon (white colour fill), indicating there were new notifications which the user hasn’t read, when there weren’t actually any new notifications. This bug has been fixed, an the Action Center should now work normally. If you wish to disable the Action Center completely, follow our guide here.

Fix for Battery fly-out:

The battery fly-out (pop up which appears when the icon is clicked) which used to display truncated text in some languages, will now display the text properly.

Note: Microsoft is yet to fix the charging time indicator, still says 1 minute to full charge, regardless of what the battery percentage actually is. This bug is present in Build 10240 as well.

Background Picture shuffling:

If you have background shuffle enabled, it will now display a random wallpaper, as opposed to how it worked in prior builds, where the backgrounds were changed in the order they appeared in the folder.

Cortana works with local accounts:

Microsoft’s personal digital assistant, Cortana no longer needs a Microsoft account to work. It now works with a local account as well. Of course, you will still need a network connection to use the app.

Fixes for Realtek audio:

Realtek audio devices, which were affected by audio playback, should now work better, as the bugs causing the issues, have been fixed. Apparently, there was not just one issue, but several ones.

Quite a few big fixes out there, but they’re nothing out of the ordinary.