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Windows 10 Build 10550 could be released to the Fast Ring of the Windows Insider Program soon

Windows 10 Build 10550 could be released to the Fast Ring of the Windows Insider Program soon

by AshwinSeptember 25, 2015

It hasn’t been long since Windows 10 Build 10457 was released to the Fast Ring members of the Windows Insider Program.


It has only been a week right, but users don’t like waiting for new builds to be released.

One such enthusiastic user, asked Microsoft’s Gabe Aul if there are any new builds coming up. To which Aul replied positively, stating that Windows 10 Build 10550 is being tested in the Redmond company’s internal testing rings.He suggested that the build stands a chance to be released to the Windows Insider Program’s Fast Ring.

Naturally, he did not give out a specific ETA, as to when the build will arrive. But since it is Friday, and Microsoft normally doesn’t release new builds over the weekend, I think we can safely assume that the new build won’t be arriving at least until Monday.

Will Windows 10 Build 10550 be the Threshold 2 Windows Update ? Aul said in his tweet, that the build is only a few builds older than the previously launched one, Build 10457, which suggests it might not have gained very many new features, especially newer ones.

There are ways to tell if an Insider Preview Build, will be the next major Windows 10 Update or not. Here is how I observe if it qualifies to be the most important build of the year:

The new major update should bring support for Microsoft Edge extensions, and unless this happens it isn’t the major update we are awaiting. The logic behind this is simple, as the feature was once the touted as the killer deal, when Microsoft showcased the browser a few months ago. Originally, it was led to believed that Microsoft Edge will get extensions support when the final build of Windows 10 would be launched. But it was and is nowhere to be seen, even though Windows 10 was launched nearly two months ago. This feature, extension support, is widely believed to be debuting in the Threshold 2 Update.

The second feature which I think will be added to Windows 10, is actually an app, Skype for Windows 10. We mentioned earlier today, that Microsoft has confirmed that the app is not yet ready to be released yet, which also hints that the app will be a spotlight feature in the Threshold 2 update.  The logical reasoning behind this is also quite simple. Skype for Windows 10, is expected to be deeply integrated within the operating system, and this is something that cannot possibly be achieved by an app downloaded from the Windows Store, or even from a regular Windows Update.

As you may already be aware, every time Microsoft releases a new preview build of Windows 10, it contains a newer version of apps such as Mail and Calendar and Microsoft Edge, and it is through this method that Microsoft will actually ship in new features, and this is how I think we can expect Skype for Windows 10 to arrive as well.