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Windows 10 Build 10576 known issues and bug fixes

Windows 10 Build 10576 known issues and bug fixes

by AshwinOctober 30, 2015

Earlier today, Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 10576 to the Fast Ring of the Insider Preview Program.

Microsoft Windows 10 Xbox App
The new build barely brought in some new features.

Well, you know its Windows, so its bound to have some bugs.1

Known issues in Windows 10 Build 10576:

1. The previous preview build of Windows 10, introduced a new feature which allowed users to send text messages from Cortana, and also receive notifications for Missed Calls. For this to work, you will have to be on the latest build of Windows 10 Preview. Microsoft says that this is due to some improvements it made to the feature.

2. There is an annoying bug in the latest build which reduces the volume of any audio playing by 75% for a while. The bug is triggered when a notification pops up from the Action Center.

3. Skype users, beware of this one. The newest build removes all of your messages and contacts from the messaging app. Fortunately there is a workaround for the issue. Navogate to the following path in File Explorer and delete or rename the file called ‚ÄúPrivateTransportId‚ÄĚ


Be sure to restart the app after doing so.

4. This one is a recurring bug, which was also present in the previous preview build of Windows 10.
Small devices such as the Dell Venue 8 Pro, will experience a Bluescreen, if the device’s rotation or virtual mode screen size has been set to larger than the actual physical size. The device will fail to upgrade, and will roll back to the previous build.

5. Surface Pro 3 devices on the new build, will shut down, instead of going to sleep, when you press the power button.

6. Support for the web video formats WebM and VP9 have been removed from the build, but the latter will return in a future build.

Bugs fixed in Windows 10 Build 10576

1. The memory leak issue in the Xbox app for Windows 10 has been fixed, and it should no longer eat up gigabytes of memory. Aparently, this issue only occured if the user had added any non store Win32 games to the Xbox app.

2. The previous build, had an issue where the search box didn’t work, in regions where Cortana is not available. This issue has been fixed in the latest build.

3. The localization (translation) text UI in Windows 10 has been improved. Microsoft says it has improved some performance improvements for the nested virtualization for Hyper-V Containers in Hyper-V virtual machines. Sadly, there are no more details about these fixes.