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Windows 10 Build 10586 ISO may have been pulled because of Bitlocker bug

Windows 10 Build 10586 ISO may have been pulled because of Bitlocker bug

by AshwinNovember 24, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 10586 to all users running on the launch version of the operating system, RTM Build 10240.

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But the problem with the update process, was that it wasn’t available to all users.

Naturally, people began to look for other ways to install the update, and the only logical option, was to download the official ISO, and manually install the new version. This was possible thanks to the Media Creation Tool, which is available at the Redmond company’s website.

And then, over the weekend, Microsoft went crazy. It pulled the Windows 10 Build 10586 ISO, and the Media Creation Tool, now instead downloads the Build 10240 ISO. The explanation which the company gave, as the reason behind the move, is that the 10586 November Update is a phased process, and that it will only be available through Windows Update.

That seems to be a rather silly reason to pull the ISO. So, is there more to it than meets the eye? It does appear so, according to reports at many online forums and social websites.

Reddit, for one is buzzing with news that the Threshold 2 Update ISO was pulled due to major bugs, one of which removes user apps automatically.  Neowin reports that one Reddit thread mentions that Bitlocker may be broken in the latest build of Windows 10.

In case you do not know what Bitlocker is, here is a brief recap. It is an encryption feature, which encrypts the data stored in a harddrive, the entire hard drive. So it is a highly secure option, used by many.

Now that you know what it is, let’s see what the issue is. After updating to Build 10586, several users have been reporting that their PCs running on the new build, cannot enable Bitlocker Encryption anymore. This thread on the Technet forums, suggests that this issue occurs only in the new build, and that reverting to the RTM Build, does indeed allow the function to work.

Oddly though Bitocker does seem to work on 10586, if the user had enabled the feature in Build 10240, i.e., prior to installing the update.

It is possible that this major bug, maybe the reason why Microsoft has actually pulled the Build 10586 ISO. It is unclear, if the version it is pushing through Windows Update has a fix for the issue, but since the so called “phased rollout” might take weeks to appear for users, there is absolutely no way of confirming it, at least for now.