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Windows 10 Build 10586 known issues and workarounds

Windows 10 Build 10586 known issues and workarounds

by AshwinNovember 6, 2015

Earlier today, we reported that Windows 10 Build 10586 is now available for the members of the Fast Ring of the Windows Insider Program.


We detailed on what Microsoft had fixed in the new build of the operating system, and it’s now time to look at the bugs in it.

There are only two known issues in Windows 10 Build 10586, and both of them are quite major bugs. And one of them was actually present in the prior version, Build 10576 as well. I have to say I’m surprised that Microsoft has not fixed the issue in the newer build, despite the fact that it is ten builds fresher. This leads us to once again assume that Microsoft is making its teams focus on fixing the more important issues, to ensure that the Build is ready to be shipped to all users, including Build 10240 RTM, as the Threshold 2 Update, next week. It did the same when the general availability build was released on July 29th.

Windows 10 Build 10586 Known Issues

1. Skype messages and contacts disappearing:

This is the recurring bug which I mentioned above. When upgrading from one preview build to another, the Messaging + Skype app breaks in that all of your Skype messages and contacts will disappear.

2. The Insider Hub is missing:

The Insider Hub app, which allows you to provide your feedback (suggestions and complaints) to Microsoft, may go missing when you upgrade to this build. It also allows you read the latest announcements for the Insider Preview Program, so its a pretty important app.

Workarounds for the Known Issues in Windows 10 Build 10586

Fortunately Microsoft has provided the means to fix both bugs mentioned above.

How to get the Skype messages and contacts back?

1. Open Windows File Explorer and navigate to the following path:


Note: USERNAME here refers to whatever your login profile’s name is. For eg: John, or David.

2. Look for the file called “PrivateTransportId” in the same folder.

3.  You have two options now, either delete or rename the file.

4. Reopen the Skype video app.

5. Sign out of your account, and then login again.

How to reinstall the Insider Hub in Windows 10?

1.  Click on the Start Menu and then on the Settings App.

2. Now, select the System tab and click on the Apps & Features sub section.

3.  Click on the option which says “Manage optional features”.

4. Select the “Add a feature” option and when the list finishes loading, select the Insider Hub.

Reported issue on  Surface Pro 3:

There appears to be a third issue in Build 10586, which appears to affect Surface Pro 3 devices. Apparently the build fails to load on the device, and is reportedly stuck at 40%, even after multiple restarts. Gabe Aul has acknowledged the issue, and says that Microsoft is investigating it and is working upon a possible fix.