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Windows 10 Build 10586 removes CCleaner, Speccy and other apps when upgrading from a previous build

Windows 10 Build 10586 removes CCleaner, Speccy and other apps when upgrading from a previous build

by AshwinNovember 28, 2015

Windows 10 Build 10586, aka the Threshold 2 update which was released a few weeks ago, has had its fair share of troubles.

Windows 10 Build 10586 removed CCleaner Speccy

First it was the huge panic caused by Microsoft pulling the ISO which could be downloaded using the Media Creation Tool.

This was said to be the non-functioning Bitlocker Encryption, which reportedly failed after users upgraded to the November Update/ The Redmond company, quelled the rumours, by re-enabling the downloads of the Build 10586 ISOs, and offered an explanation in the form of a Windows Update change-log.

It revealed that some privacy settings were accidentally changed by the November update, and to fix this, Windows Update KB3120677 was rolled out to users, which allowed users to toggle the privacy settings, once again.

Ever since the November Update was launched, we have noticed reports of apps being removed automatically from the user’s PC, post the upgrade. And this happens even when the user has chosen the option to “Keep all personal files and apps”.

A few users have taken to Reddit, to share what happened, with fellow Widows 10 users. Oddly enoguh the apps which were removed by the upgrade. Piriform’s CCleaner and Speccy, work fine when the user reinstalls the apps. So it is unclear, as to why they were removed in the first place, even though the screenshot (featured above) does say it was removed due to some incompatibility. So, why do these apps run fine after being reinstalled?

There are however, some users who claim that they have run into BSODs (Blue Screen of Death), when they used Speccy. We have been using the app on our PCs, without running into a single issue. In fact, we haven’t come across any issue in Windows 10 Build 10586, except for the Privacy Settings which were reverted to their default state as mentioned above. The operating system on the whole is very stable on our systems, regardless of the task it is being used for be it, browsing with several dozen apps, multimedia playback or gaming.

Another user reports on the Microsoft answers forums, that upgrading to Windows 10 1511 removed every single of his 64-bit apps, including Microsoft Office. Yet, there hasn’t even been a reply from any other user, or from a Microsoft employee.

The lack of responses, and the rising number of issues with Build 10586, is very disconcerting indeed. Have you run into any issues in Windows 10 Threshold 2? Drop a comment below and share your troubles with us.