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Windows 10 Build 17704 brings several improvements for Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 Build 17704 brings several improvements for Microsoft Edge

by AshwinJune 29, 2018

Windows 10 Build 17704 has been released for Windows Insider Preview users. The new version is available for Fast ring and Skip ahead users. Microsoft Edge is the one in focus, with quite a few new features. The Edge icon now carries a “BETA” marking to help identify the official version and test releases. But, why brand it on an Insider preview build, which clearly itself is a beta operating system? 

Edge is also getting the Fluent Design, which is most noticeable in the tab bar. The currently active tab (in focus), will appear stronger compared to the background taps, which now have a depth effect (a slight blur), a feature which is like what you can add to photos taken by most smartphone cameras these days. 

Microsoft admitted that the Settings pane in the browser was getting complex for a single page. Have you used it? It takes a long scroll to reach some of the options. Well it appears that Windows 10 Build 17704 has a new menu and settings panel which makes things easier. There is a More Tools section and a separate settings panel in Microsoft Edge. 

The toolbar in the browser can now be customized, using the “Show in Toolbar” menu. You can toggle shortcuts for Favorites, Reading List, Books, History, Downloads, Add Notes and Share this page. You can also show/hide shortcuts for installed extensions in Edge. The Settings page in Edge has also been overhauled with new subpages for each category, for a cleaner look. So ,you can find the options classified under the “General, Privacy & Security, Passwords & autofill, and Advanced” categories. Autoplay settings are finally available in Microsoft Edge. It’s about time. No more annoyingly loud blaring noises from tabs. You can use the Advanced Settings > Media Autoplay to disable autoplay completely or limit it per website. 

Windows 10 Build 17704

Windows 10 Build 17704 displays a new PDF icon in the File Explorer, but only when Microsoft Edge is set as the default File Handler. The other major feature in the latest Insider Preview Build of Windows 10, is the new Skype for Insider Update, which we reported about yesterday. The app has the new design by default in the operating system. The Diagnostic Data Viewer is a new app in Windows 10, which can be used to view the problem reports which have been sent to Microsoft. You can also use it to review the report before you send it to the company.