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Windows 10 Calendar and Mail apps updated, gets new icons

Windows 10 Calendar and Mail apps updated, gets new icons

by AshwinJune 27, 2015

Microsoft has rolled out updates for a couple of its apps on Windows 10.


The updates are merely cosmetic and change the icons of the Mail and the Calendar App.

The apps should be updated automatically, but if they have not, you can manually update them from the Windows Store Beta. Even if the apps have been updated, chances are you will only have the old icons on the Taskbar and the Start Screen.

To fix this, you will have to manually do a very simple step. Just unpin the app from the Taskbar and the Start Screen, and add them back from Start > All Apps.

You can do so, by right clicking on the icon and then selecting Pin or Unpin.

Now, you should get the new icons.The Calendar icon is shaped like a real calendar, while the Mail Icon now looks like an open envelope, with an arrow shape in the middle.

The old icons which you can see below (as Start Tiles) are slightly dull.


The new icons stand out well, but they are quite small on the Taskbar. Look at the Cortana, Task View buttons (in the first image), the icons are larger and better looking than the Windows Store, Project Spartan, Calendar and Mail icons.

Softpedia reports that the update has also changed the UI of the apps slightly, as the new icons can be seen on the Splash Screen, which appears when you open the app.

The welcome screen also includes the new icons, and now has new designed buttons for the Add Account and Ready To Go, options.


The latest version of Mail and Calendar are 17.4218.42281.0. You can verify this by opening one of the apps and navigating to the Settings > About screen.

Note: The latest update seems to be slightly buggy, in that, the Tile icons for Mail and Calendar are often displayed as blank tiles, i.e., without the image. You can unpin and re-pin them to the Start Screen, but it appears to be a recurring issue.

Microsoft has already released new icons for the Recycle Bin, This PC, Network and more, in previous builds. The Redmond Company will update one more icon for sure, can you guess which app’s icon will be updated? It is Microsoft Edge, which will have an “e” icon. The browser is yet to debut in its original form, and is only currently available as Project Spartan, which has a Globe icon.

Windows 10 is launching on July 29th.