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Windows 10 Calendar download

Windows 10 Calendar download

by AshwinJanuary 18, 2016

Microsoft is rolling out a new Windows 10’s Calendar App.

Windows 10 Calendar App Year View

The update is adding a new feature which displays the all 12 months of the calendar on a single screen.

This does look like a great feature, especially when you want to view all of your events in a single year from one place. To be honest it is a bit nostalgic too, and reminds me of the old paper/cardboard calendars which we used to have on our desk.

Compare it with the current version of the Mail and Calendar app’s view, it looks huge and very cluttered doesn’t it.

Windows 10 Mail Month View

One user named Leo, commented that this is not a new feature at all, and that he had it prior to the latest update. And as proof he posted two images of the app on WinBeta. The new one which is seen above, shows the new option showing the Year view, in the Dark Theme of the Mail and Calendar app.

In comparison, the image featured below, also from Leo, shows the previous version, which had the same Year option, but with a blurred background. This looks very similar to the Start Menu’s frosted glass effect, which to be honest is not very popular, compared to Aero.

Windows 10 Calendar App Year View Blurred

We are not sure of when the feature was rolled out, but the current version of the app, Mail and Calendar 17.6568.116421.0 does not have it. Do note that this is the version available for Windows 10 1511 Build 10586.

That means the Year view option is exclusive to users of the Windows 10 Insider Program, likely Build 11099. These users will have the version Otherwise, your version number will be Mail and Calendar 17.6525.42271.0.

It is unclear whether the 12-month view is the new default view of the Mail and Calendar app. And neither is it known if it is a toggle available from the app’s Personalization settings.

What we guess is that this may arrive pretty soon for all users. The reasoning behind the logic is that it is, we have seen such a feature being tested earlier exclusively for Insiders. It was the Conversation View for the Mail app, which was made available for Insiders back in the first week of September 2015.

But a week later, it was enabled via an update to the app, for all users of Windows 10, including those on the RTM Build. So, it is likely that Microsoft will do the same with the new 12-month Calendar view feature as well.

Download Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app from the Windows Store.