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Windows 10 Editions Announced: Home, Mobile, Pro, Enterprise, Education, Mobile Enterprise and IoT Core

Windows 10 Editions Announced: Home, Mobile, Pro, Enterprise, Education, Mobile Enterprise and IoT Core

by AshwinMay 14, 2015

Microsoft has officially announced the various Windows 10 Editions.


Microsoft’s goal is to provide a universal Windows experience, on all devices.

Windows 10 Editions Announced:

To accomplish this, the Redmond company said that Windows 10 and will be available in seven editions.

  1. Windows 10 Home
  2. Windows 10 Mobile
  3. Windows 10 Pro
  4. Windows 10 Enterprise
  5. Windows 10 Education
  6. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise
  7. Windows 10 IoT Core

Each edition is tailored for particular uses, and devices. Let’s see what the features of the editions are:

Windows 10 Home:

As the name suggests, it is for home users. This edition of Windows 10 works on PCs, Tablets and 2in1 Hybrid devices. It features Microsoft’s personal digital assistant, Cortana, Microsoft Edge browser, Continuum mode for hybrid devices. It also has Windows Hello, which uses biometric recognition technologies like Face Recognition, Iris and Fingerprint login.

It also supports universal Windows apps lieke Photos, Mapx, Mail, Calendar, Music, Video. Windows 10 Home even lets Xbox One owners to play Xbox One Games on any PC running on Windows 10.

Windows 10 Mobile:

Windows Phone has been renamed as Windows 10 Mobile. It is available for phones, tablets,  and has the same universal apps as Windows 10 Home. Additionally it has an optimized version of Office, designed for touch-enabled devices. Windows 10 Mobile will also support Continuum for phone, to allow users to use the phone like a PC, when it is connected to a large screen.

Windows 10 Pro:

Similar to Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro is also a desktop edition for PCs, tablets and 2-in-1 devices.Nut it comes with some additional bells and whistles. IT supports Windows Update for Business, which will deliver faster security updates and features from Microsoft. Windows 10 Pro also protects data, supports cloud technologies, and more.

Windows 10 Enterprise is an improved version of Windows 10 Pro, with advanced features for bigger businesses and organizations.  Windows 10 Education is similar to the Enterprise edition, and is meant for an acedemic audience: Schools, teachers and students, etc. Eligible users will be able to upgrade to Widnows 10 Education Edition, from Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro.

Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise is meant for business customers, who use smartphones and small tablets. It is similar to windows 10 Mobile, but has enhanced security and update management. Windows 10 IoT Core is meant for low cost devices like the Raspberry Pi.

In January, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7, and 8.1 devices (including phones). Eligible devices will be able to avail free upgrade to upgrade to the corresponding edition: Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Pro. Microsoft will continue to support Windows on the device, for the lifetime of the device.

Windows 10 is scheduled for a summer launch, sometime in July, and will be available in 190 Countries, and support 111 languages. Microsoft says that Windows 10 Insider Preview has 3.9 Million users. The Redmond company will continue to deliver Insider previews even after the launch of Windows 10.