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Windows 10 Fall Update with Cortana for India, to be released on November 10th

Windows 10 Fall Update with Cortana for India, to be released on November 10th

by AshwinNovember 2, 2015

Microsoft has been planning to release its first major update for Windows 10 for quite a while now.


Windows 10 Build 10565 Start Menu

The company released the operating system on July 29th, and will be updating it without service packs.

Microsoft has maintained a silent status on the upcoming version, and left users guessing as to when the update would arrive, until now.

The new update is likely to be called as Windows 10 Threshold 2, but word on the internet is that Microsoft could name it as the Windows 10 Fall Update.

Though it is called as a major update, all it is expected to bring is some changes to the operating system’s interface, some new icons, and the usual bug fixes and security patches. Think of it as the new kind of service pack like update. From what we have seen so far, the update will add support for Tab Previews in Microsoft Edge. It will also bring support for the new Skype for Windows 10, which made its debut in Insider Preview Build 10565.

And other features which are likely to be bundled in the Threshold 2 update include, support for Syncing Favorites and Reading list in Microsoft Edge, Colored Title Bars, and new context menus for the Start Menu.

Cortana support for India:

One new feature in Windows 10 Threshold 2 which is guaranteed to add, at least for my countrymen, will be Cortana support for India. Microsoft Support Engineer, Ashish Sondhi posted on the company’s official forums, that Cortana will be released soon in India, after the Windows 10 Fall Update.

This is what his post said:

Cortana will be available in India after November update releasing on November 10th, 2015.

This isn’t something out of the blue, as back in June this year, Microsoft announced that it would add support for Cortana in Windows 10, in four new countries later this year. This included Japan, Australia, Canada and India.

The Redmond company delivered on its promise, and included support for its personal digital assistant, in Windows 10 Build 10532, the Insider Preview Build, which was released in the first week of September. So, after a couple of months of testing the app, it is likely that Microsoft will be releasing Cortana for the aforementioned three countries as well.

To be honest, I have been using Cortana on my Android devices for a few months, and the app has already been working superbly, without any flaws whatsoever.

We will keep you posted when the Windows 10 Fall update is officially released on November 10th.