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Windows 10 full screen upgrade notifications annoy Windows 7 users

Windows 10 full screen upgrade notifications annoy Windows 7 users

by AshwinOctober 26, 2015

A week ago, we told you how Microsoft “accidentally” upgraded some Windows 7 PCs to Windows 10 automatically.

GWX App Upgrade Forced

This happened without the user’s consent, even if the user had never registered for the upgrade.

What’s worse is the fact that you couldn’t disable the upgrade, or even opt-out of the upgrade offer. Microsoft released an official statement, saying that the issue was caused by a Windows Update. Apparently the Redmond company, accidentally marked one of the Optional Windows Update as Recommended, which resulted in the chaos that followed.

Well, now that you have the big picture of forced Windows 10 Upgrades, here’s a newer one which will shock you even more. Some Windows 7 users, are reporting that they have been getting full screen pop ups, which offer the free upgrade to Windows 10.

The photos featured here, are from Twitter user “mathew_is_angry” (an apt name for this scenario by the way). The pictures shows that the user did not reserve the upgrade to Windows 10, and yet the GWX (Get Windows 10) app is prompting him to reserve for the same.

This is proven by the message on the screen clearly reads “Get your Windows 10 Upgrade today!”.

Business Insider reports that these are full screen pop-ups, but I cannot confirm if they indeed are. Nevertheless it is annoying, as sadly once again, there appears to be no way to disable the upgrade option or even to hide the GWX app.

The user tweeted that the annoying pop ups began appearing after a Windows Update, and that there was no option to uninstall it. It remains unclear as to what the update in question was.

I believe this fiasco may have happened due to the “faulty optional update”, which was marked as a recommended one. It could be that Microsoft may not have pulled the update, which it should have under moral ground. So, if it is still being seeded, I recommend you to think twice before installing Windows Updates. Don’t just blindly click on the update button, do your homework and read the description of each update. If you are still uncertain, you can head over to the knowledge base article of the update to confirm if it is safe to install it.

I have to say this, it is one thing to offer an operating system, as a free upgrade for older versions of Windows, but I think Microsoft has crossed the line with this one.