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Windows 10 Home Users are now allowed to disable automatic updates for Windows Store Apps

Windows 10 Home Users are now allowed to disable automatic updates for Windows Store Apps

by AshwinSeptember 1, 2015

Microsoft has had a change of heart, as Windows 10 Home Users are now allowed to disable automatic updates for Windows Store Apps.


Windows Updates (not to be confused with App updates) have been quite a headache, especially since Home Edition users cannot disable the updates at all.

Pro edition users have a minor consolation as they can defer updates, but only temporarily, and need to install all prior updates before getting the latest one.

I’ll be honest here, I do not have a Windows 10 Home Edition PC, all three of my computers run on Windows 10 Pro, two of them were upgraded from Windows 8.1 Pro, while the other one was from Windows 7 Pro. The same can be said about my friends who have all upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, while some of them have refused to try the new operating system, despite my attempts to convince them that “You can roll back to Windows 7 or Windows 8 within 30 days”.

So, naturally without a Home Edition of Windows 10, I was unaware that the Windows Store did not allow the user to disable automatic updates. This didn’t make any sense to me. Windows Store Apps are not used by the majority of users, including yours truly (except for Calculator. Mail and Calendar, and Microsoft Edge). The Apps have literally nothing to do with the system’s security, if they are not used, except maybe for the Mail app. And Microsoft Edge is being patched through the Windows Update itself. So why did Microsoft force these updates for Home Users? The button to disable auto app updates, had been grayed out prior to this change.

Maximum PC reports that there is no official word from the Redmond Company, to acknowledge or announce the availability of this new feature, for Windows 10 Home Edition Users.A recently released patch, referred to as Windows 10 Cumulative Update 5, patches the Store app to allow users to disable auto updates for Store apps.

I have already written a user friendly guide for “How To Disable Automatic Updates for Windows Store Apps”. You can follow it to disable the annoying updates.

What made Microsoft change its mind is unclear, but surely this is a welcome move. I mean, is there any point in updating apps which you don’t use? The updates merely chew up and consume precious bandwidth, and of course the storage space too.

Allowing users to disable updates, as this is a good sign from the Redmond Company, which shows that it is prioritizing the users concerns. Perhaps it will someday allow users to disable Windows Updates as well, although such a move would counter its policy of “Windows as a service”.