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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10158 released for the Fast Ring

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10158 released for the Fast Ring

by AshwinJune 30, 2015

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10158 has been released for the Fast Ring of the Windows Insider Program.


It is likely to be the last preview build, to be released before the launch of the final version of Windows 10, next month.

Let us take a look at what’s new in Build 10158.

Microsoft Edge gets a massive list of changes, and a dark theme:

The new browser in Windows 10, makes its debut in its original name, and Codename Project Spartan is now history.

As we previously reported, Microsoft Edge will not save your favorites, cookies, history and Reading List. So before you upgrade to the new build, backup all of these from Project Spartan using our guide. Post upgrading, you will be able to import your favorites to the new Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge now has the following features:

  • A Home Button
  • Import Favorites/Bookmarks from other browsers
  • New Tab Page – customization
  • Support for Password and form-fill
  • Background Audio playback, when the browser is minimized
  • Drag & Drop tabs to new Windows
  • Dark Theme

Other improvements in Build 10158.

Continuum (Tablet Mode) gets better

The Tablet Mode in Windows 10 now has better animations, and improved support for Windows 8/8.1 apps, as well as the classic Win 32 apps.

Swiping up on the left side will open the “All Apps” section of the Start Menu.  The Start Menu now has the quick list seen in Build 10130, which you can open by tapping on a letter. This will bring up a list of apps beginiing with the letter.

Taskbar Apps now flash:

If an app needs your attention, the taskbar icon for it will flash in orange. Downloading files or moving files across folders in File Explorer, will now show the progress animation as a horizontal bar, and a green colour for the bar.

Prior to this, Microsoft had changed from a horizontal bar to a vertical bar, which was white in colour. But, apparently users did not like the change and requested the Redmond Company to fix it.

Cortana gets a dark theme, flight tracking, email support:

Cortana now has a dark theme, and also a brand new unified interface for Profile and Settings. IT also now supports flight-tracking, and will display notifications when you receive an email with flight or package information from supported providers. Alerts are also now available for going to various places: work, home airport.

Cortana can even send emails too, you just need to say all details at once (Email +  Recipient’s name, followed by the message content). You can send emails to multiple people, and also correct errors with your voice. This feature is only available in the U.S (English), and requires a network connection to work.

Cortana has been integrated with Office 365, and will allow you to view your Calendar appointments, updates and more.

Photos App now plays GIFs:

The Photos app for Windows 10 has gotten better, it now includes support for viewing animated GIFs. Additionally, it has also been patched to improve performance and stability.

It also gains a new feature, called “Open With”. Click on the three dot icon and you will see the new option. The app also links to saved photos, screenshots, and camera roll from the Albums page.

Note: This update for the Photos app is available through the Windows Store Beta.

Snipping Tool gets a timer:

The built in screenshot capturing app, Snipping Tool, gets a neat timer feature. You will now be able to set up to a 5-second timer, which will be handy to capture difficult screenshots, like pop-up menus!

Insider Hub has been removed:

The Insider Hub, has been removed from Windows 10. It will return to the preview builds after Windows 10 has been launched.  But you can manually install it by navigating to:Settings > System > Apps & features.

Now, click on Manage optional features, and then on Add a feature. Scroll down to the entry named Insider Hub and click Install.

No known issues:

Oh, and one more thing. Microsoft’s announcement proudly says there are no significant known issues in Build 10158. Does that mean Windows 10 is finally ready for its launch on July 29th?

We will be posting a hands on review of the new build, after a few days of usage,