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Windows 10 is getting better Snap Assist features, similar to the ones in Windows 8

Windows 10 is getting better Snap Assist features, similar to the ones in Windows 8

by AshwinSeptember 21, 2015

One of the most important features in Windows 10, is the multitasking options built in to the operating system.

Windows 10 Build 10547 Tablet Mode Snap Apps

You know what I’m talking about, Aero Snap or Snap Assist, as Microsoft likes to call it.

For those who aren’t familiar with the features, here is a brief recap. Snap in Windows 10, comprises of three features.

The first of which is Snap Assist itself. When you try to move an app to the sides of the screen, this feature automatically offers to select from a list of all other open apps. Selecting one will resize the chosen app, to fill the other half of the screen.

Corner Snap is the second feature, and as the name suggests, it allows the user to snap an app to each corner of the window. It allows for four apps to be opened at the same time, filling a quarter of the screen, or two apps in one half of the screen, while the other half is taken up a third app.

Snap Fill is the third feature.  To use this, first snap an app to a side of the screen, and resize it to your requirements. When you snap a second app, it will automatically be resized to fill up the remaining space on the screen.

If you want to read a more in depth article about Snap in Windows 10, read my previous write up.

Snap Assist from Windows 8 is coming to Windows 10:

I can’t believe I’m actually praising Windows 8 features. But these features are actually good ones, one of the few worth applauding.

Now that you are aware of the existing Snap features in Windows 10, it will be easier to understand what the upcoming feature is. In Windows 10 Build 10547, which was released a few days ago, Microsoft has added a new Snap Fill option. When you have two snapped apps on the screen, and want to resize one of them, the other one will refill the remnant space automatically.

To enable this feature: open the Settings App and head to the System section, and then on the Multitasking tab. Now enable the option which says:

“When I resize a snapped window, simultaneously resize any adjacent snapped window”.

You can view a demo of this at Microsoft-News post.

Build 10547 also introduced a new Snap feature in Windows 10’s tablet mode, which allows snapping a new app which replaces an existing snapped app.

These features should be rolled out to the general availability build of Windows 10, when the first major update of Windows 10 is rolled out later this year.