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Windows 10 isn’t really helping PC sales, a report reveals

Windows 10 isn’t really helping PC sales, a report reveals

by AshwinSeptember 26, 2015

Have a PC with Windows 10? That’s not surprising considering that the operating system is being offered as a free upgrade, for Windows 7 and 8/8.1 users, and that it has been available for the last two months.

PC Sales numbers Gartner report

But do you have a new PC which came with Windows 10? Or know anyone who has one?

You may be amongst the minority, as it appears that not many people are actually buying new PCs, the market of which has been slipping for the past few years, tno thanks to the smartphone and tablet market. According to Gartner, Windows 10 isn’t really helping PC sales, as it was previously expected. The PC market will likely drop to 7.3% this year, says the research firm. That sums up to just 291 million computers. (Refer to the table in the image featured above)

Business Insider notes that the report says that the grim situation could actually improve by 2017, by which time the PC market would have gained a 4% foothold, thanks to businesses who will upgrade their systems.

Apparently people are just upgrade a few components, when their old PC doesn’t work, instead of buying a new PC. And form the standpoint of the user, that makes economical sense, obviously. But it is not the case for PC makers, and this of course, is not helped by the aforementioned fact, that Windows 10 is being offered as a free upgrade. People can just upgrade their old PC to Windows 10, and just carry on using it as long as possible.

But did PC OEMs make a mistake in believing Windows 10 was going to save their business?

While we are all happy that it isn’t a huge flop like Windows 8, or Vista, for that matter, Windows 10 does have some shortcomings, some of which are so off-putting that people who upgraded to the new operating system, have rolled back to their previous “good OS”, in the hope that things will get better as Windows 10 continues to evolve with future updates.

This could prove to be a major hindrance for Microsoft, as the company is targeting to reach a total of 1 Billion devices running on Windows 10, by the year 2017. As of now, we know that there are just 75 Million devices which are running the latest iteration of Windows.

Although there is a bit of good news in that Microsoft has partnered with search giant Baidu, to offer the Windows 10 Upgrade in China. It appears that the Country already has over 10 Million devices running the Redmond Company’s latest operating system, before the offer was made available through Baidu’s Microsoft Express channel.