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Windows 10 Mail App gets an option to disable conversation view

Windows 10 Mail App gets an option to disable conversation view

by AshwinSeptember 5, 2015

Windows 10’s Mail App has received a new feature, which lets the user to disable the conversation view for emails.


Conversation View, also called the threaded view is the automatic grouping of emails, which supposedly makes it easier to view new replies to emails.

I say supposedly, because t works the opposite way for me, I hate it, and that is one of the reasons I only use it for my secondary email account. It displays new emails, below the original one in the reverse chronological order, with each new email displayed on the top.





Annoying isn’t it? Okay before we get deeper into the subject, there is a bit of good news and bad news related to this.

The good news is that we finally get the option to disable the conversation view for emails in Windows 10. The bad news is it is not available for all users. Stephen Cornish reported the finding, which was later shared by ZDNet. The new feature is only available for members of the Windows Insider Program, darn those lucky 7 million.

If you are not aware of this, Microsoft rolls out new versions of its default Windows Store Apps, in Insider Preview Builds. The current version of the Mail and Calendar app is 17.6121.42001.0. You can find the version number by opening the Mail app and clicking on the gear icon (settings) > About.

The newer version of the Mail app is 17.6131.42001.0. It reportedly has a new menu item, called View Settings. If you are on the latest preview build with the afore mentioned version of the Mail app, head to the app’s Settings > Options > View Settings > and disable the toggle for “Show messages arranged by conversation”.

Now you should be able to view the emails like they are meant to be, in a normal good ol’ fashioned way,

It is not surprising that Microsoft has enabled this feature in Windows 10 Mail. This feature has been long overdue, and one that has been requested multiple times at the UserVoice and Windows Insider forums.

There is no ETA as to when this option will be available for those on the general availability version, Windows 10 Build 10240. I suppose you can keep an eye on the Windows Store, and if you spot a version of the app higher than the one mentioned above, the feature will be available in it.

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